Wednesday, October 25, 2006

24 Weeks Down

I apologize in advance for this really unflattering picture but Rob is not the best picture taker (he has no patience) and I'm not exactly photogenic (especially in my current condition). But I had to take my every 4 week picture tonight since I've made it to 24 weeks. Can you see how much I have grown in just 4 weeks?!?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Crib

We got the crib up last night! Or should I say Rob and our friend Andrew put it together last night? My friend Christine came over with her two darling foster kids and we chatted while the boys did the hard work. Afterwards we had a yummy toffee, caramel, chocolate cake. Only problem is we didn't even eat half the cake so I might be polishing up the rest on my own! Not good for me but it sure tastes good. :)

Anyway - here are a few pictures of my crib with the bedding that I'm using inside it. Now I just need to get the rest of the furniture in that room and figure out what to do on the walls. I have curtains to put up that match the bedding as well but I need to get them hemmed.

Full view of the crib with all the bedding

Close up of the inside of the crib bumper and the sheets

View of the bumper, sheets, and crib skirt

Another close up view

Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Projects

I don't know if anyone else is like me and crams tons of projects into the short weekend time span . . but it is starting to wear me out! I'm in the second trimester or what everyone seems to call the best part of pregnancy. As a result - I am already starting my major nesting phase. I'm working so hard at taking care of things around the house and getting projects done before I get too big and uncomfortable!

This weekend was no exception! I was feeling really ambitious and decided it was time to paint the nursery. So on Friday I went and picked up the paint and supplies from Home Depot and Rob helped me with the taping of the room. My doctor okayed me painting as long as I kept the room well ventilated, used latex paint, and took plenty of breaks. Rob's rule was that I wasn't allowed to stand on a chair. He said he would take care of the high parts of the room.

With those rules in play - I woke up Saturday morning and did the priming coat and Rob took care of the top portion before he left for work. I managed to get both coats of paint on and then had to wait for Rob to get home that evening so he could finish the top portion. I'm happy with how it turned out. It matches a green in my bedding perfectly! And with all my pink accents and white furniture - it should turn out to be a very cute and girly room. I'll post pictures on here but it's really hard to tell what it looks like from the picture! Tonight we're supposed to put together the crib so I will continue to take more pictures as the room comes together. :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Locked Out

When Rob and I were first married about 2 years ago, he didn't understand why I always locked the doors! He would leave to run and errand down the street and would come back to find the door locked on him. I've been working on him the whole time to get in the habit of locking doors for safetty reasons. As we kind of live in more of the ghetto part of Mesa and we've had things stolen from our cars and our yards - he has come to understand the importance of locking the doors.

Yesterday Rob went paint balling in the morning and then stopped by the house for a few minutes before heading out to work for the afternoon. I had been working outside on refinishing some furniture for the nursery. I was just doing the priming coat and asked him to bring the glider outside (I have decided to refinish that chair white also). He brought the glider outside and left for work and I finished up the priming coat on the changing table.

I went to go inside for a quick break before starting on the rocker. Much to my surprise - the sliding glass door was locked! I had him trained him so well that after putting the chair outside for me - he had locked the door. So here I am in my paint clothes and locked out of my own house. Of course I don't have my cell phone out with me at the time either. I proceed to check all the windows on the back of the house on the off chance that they were unlocked but no such luck. I figure that I'm going to have to go to the neighbors house and call Rob to come home and let me in. I walk around the side of the house and go to push open our side gate only to have it met with much resistance. That's when it dawns on me that our work trailer (Rob has it for a separate part of the pool business) that hasn't been there for months is currently pushed up against that gate! I can't even get out of my backyard!! I'm going to have to climb the fence only it's not an easy task when you're 21 weeks pregnant and have this little belly that gets in the way. Not to mention it's still a good 90 degrees outside. I finally manage to climb up the fence and onto the top of the trailer but now I have to get off the trailer. I'm a little scared to jump that 8-10 feet and harm the baby but I really see no other option here. So I said a quick little prayer and jumped. I landed on two feet on the gravel part of our yard but seemed to be ok. My neighbors were home and had a good laugh at my predicament but I was able to call Rob and have him come home and let me back in the house.

Lesson learned: 1) Make sure you remind your husband when and when not to lock the door 2) Always keep your cell phone with you - even if you are just going in your back yard.

And I have felt the little girl kick a few times since yesterday so hopefully I didn't startle her too much! :)

Monday, October 02, 2006


Now that October is finally here (although you would never really believe it living in Arizona where it is still in the high 90's) . .. my thoughts are turned to what else - pumpkins! I love when stores start having pumpkin items out. I love the smell of pumpkins. I think it just reminds me of the fall and the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I enjoy carving pumpkins each year (Rob usually humors me since he thinks it's kind of crazy of me). And most of all I love baking pumpkin flavored items. I can't stand pumpkin pie but other than that - I love pumpkin bread and cookies. Anyone have any good recipes they want to share with me?