Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out

It's been a few years since I've been to a BYU football game (I think fall of 2001 before I graduated in the Spring) so when my dad suggested getting tickets to the BYU vs Utah game over Thanksgiving weekend - I was pretty excited. Due to the big rivalry . ..tickets were pretty hard to come by! But my dad found some on ebay. We were only able to get 6 tickets though and since Rob really isn't a big football fan and definitely not a BYU fan ... he opted to not go with us. So I went with my brothers Tysen and Kevin, my dad, my uncle Bob, and my Uncle David. We were stuck in the Utah student section which made things quite entertaining to say the least! We had a lot to cheer for in the first quarter but then BYU seemed to fall apart and I was getting a little worried and upset that BYU football was going to fail me. Apparently there were a lot of prayers said because in the last 1:19 of the game BYU was able to come back and score on the final play of the game! They won 33-31 and opted for the knee instead of kicking a final field goal. The best part was the almost silence that fell over the crowd. It was definitely a majority Utah crowd and I think they were all stunned! I loved it. By far one of the best BYU games ever (if only for that last minute and a half) and the best one I have ever witnessed! GO BYU! :) And I felt pretty good that I was able to remember all the words to the fight song even after I haven't sang it in 5 years.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

3D Ultrasound

Rob wasn't fully convinced that we really are having a girl and I heard everyone rave about these 3D ultrasounds . . . so I found a place in downtown Phoenix that had good reviews and would do it at a reasonable price. We had the appointment yesterday and we both just loved it! We were able to see how much she has grown, receive definite confirmation that she is really a girl, see that she has all her fingers/toes, etc. She was a little stubborn though and didn't let us get any really good face shots! She was either hiding behind her own hands or the placenta. We tried everything to get her to move from toe touches, to lots of sugar, etc. and she was moving plenty but just didn't want to show us her face. I'm a little worried from the glipmses of her face that we did get - that she is going to have the White/Robins nose combo that I inherited! I'm really hoping she comes out with the Bodine nose. She had her ankles crossed the entire time and kept sticking her hand, fingers, or her arm into her mouth which apparently is normal at this stage. It was fun to see though since I was a thumb sucker from birth! Rob loved the ultrasound so much that he asked if we could pay to go again in a few weeks. :) I'm not so sure about that one since she should be making her arrival in 13 weeks anyway . .. but maybe we'll break down for another view of her!

And in other exciting news - I start the 3rd trimester today!! Wow.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Primary Program

Sunday was a happy day in my life since the kids in my ward (congregation) finally did their Primary Program presentation. For those that aren't familiar with it - the Primary Program involves all the kids in our church from ages 3-11. We are given a theme at the beginning of the calendar year that we study all year long. They learn songs and other things to go along with the theme and on one Sunday in the fall - they present this program to everyone in the ward. Being in the primary presidency - it was my job to be in charge of the program this year. I must have been clueless growing up because I had no idea that each ward wrote their own program! And last year I was in charge but someone else had already written the program so it was a lot easier. This year I have been stressing about Sunday November 12th since July when I first started writing the script. Luckily, we have a fabulous music leader and the kids learned their parts and sang the songs so well that I really had no reason to worry! Many people told us it was the best program that they had ever seen and although I don't believe that - I know the kids did so well and they even got me teary eyed because I was so proud of them. And now I can breathe a little sigh of relief! That is until this weekend when I need to get the Sharing Time ready for Primary. There is always something, huh?


Rob has always had a dream of going sky diving. We had actually talked about doing it together when we first got married but never saved up the money to do it and then being pregnant - it obviously was not an option. Plus I think I lost my daredevil attitude over the years. In college it sounded like a great thing but I value my life a little more now! lol. For Rob's 30th birthday in September - his parents present to him was to take him sky diving. My mother in law Diane has always wanted to go and that was her Mothers Day Present. So last Saturday, her and Rob headed to one of the top sky diving schools in the state (Skydive Arizona) and did a tandem jump from 13,000 feet. Rob's instructor let them do a back flip out of the plane since they were the last ones to exit! He loved it and my mother in law loved it too. I was a little worried since in the last few months two people died on a tandem skydive but luckily it all worked out and they had a good time!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

99 and Counting

I really just dont have that much to blog about lately! But I have a little pregnancy ticker on my desktop that told me today that if I deliver on my due date - it's only 99 days away. Kind of crazy to know that it's below 100 days now.

I do need to ask my blogging friend community a question though! Do you have any girl name suggestions? Rob and I are still nowhere near coming close to picking a name (besides the middle name of Colleen). So we've gotten in the habit of asking everyone around us for suggestions. I think we're both hoping that one of these times - one of the names will just stand out to us and we'll know that it's the right one to us. At this point though - I would take just having a limited amount of options. We want something that is somewhat unique but not totally off the wall. And we'd like it to somewhat go with Colleen too! :)

So please - offer any and all suggestions of names! We need some help.