Monday, July 21, 2008

July Happenings in Pictures

Life has been just a little crazy lately for us so excuse the lack of blogging. We've been busy having lots of fun:

Making and playing with play dough

Climbing up and on every piece of furniture in the house

Playing with friends at a splash park in Tempe

Trying on everyone's shoes

Playing with friends at the Mesa Museum for Youth

And just being silly

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Fun

We started off our hot 4th of July in Arizona with the thought of being around or in the water. My friend Ashley in the ward had suggested Tempe Town Lake splash park earlier in the week but with my work schedule (I have to pick up my work every day at a certain time and then I can work on it whenever I want from home) the only day that would work for me was Friday. We drove to Tempe Town Lake and after going on a maze with all the blocked off roads, got to the park only to be told that the splash park wasn't open! (I found out later that it was closed the day before too and was opening at 4 p.m. on that day). Since we already had the kids in their swim gear - we stopped at the fountains at the Tempe Marketplace and let the kids run through them. Ellie wasn't too sure what to think but it was at least an attempt at dealing with the heat!

Later that day Ellie was able to experience her first movie in a theater! Rob's parents Bob and Diane took us along with Rob's brother's family to see the Pixar movie "Wall-E". I thought it was really cute! Ellie did great for about the first hour and then thankfully Grandma took Ellie on a walk for 15 minutes and then she was able to enjoy the rest of the movie (for the most part). It was pretty much the only thing you can really do to beat this heat. It really makes me hate Arizona in the summer when you can't stand being outside on the 4th of July! I think I need to plan vacations every year during this week.

We went back to my in-laws house after the movie for the traditional bbq feast. The fireworks started about 9:00 so Rob climbed up on the roof with his brother Warren and our niece and nephew (Eden and Lance). Well Rob was trying to be a nice uncle and was moving over to make room but he didn't realize the roof had a lower level and he ended up falling onto the lower section of the roof and was unable to catch his balance before rolling to the ground! We heard all of this from the inside and thought that they were running on the roof or something. Rob got the wind knocked out of him from falling on his back so far and just laid there for a little bit. He insisted he was fine but we didn't really listen to him and I left Ellie with her grandma and grandpa and rushed Rob to the emergency room. Rob made history for being the first non-drunk to fall off the roof on the 4th of July. And after a couple of hours of testing and x-rays, the doctor agreed with Rob that he really was just fine. He is going to be very sore and banged up for the next week or so but we're grateful that he didn't hurt anything serious! And I don't think he'll be getting on our roof anytime soon (if I can help it that is).