Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob!

I have to wish Rob a Happy 32nd Birthday today! We celebrated on Saturday by going to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and seeing the movie "Traitor" (Rob's parents watched Ellie for us). And then had a family birthday dinner yesterday since Rob's dad had a birthday last week, Rob has his today, and our brother-in-law Brian's is on Wednesday.

I couldn't have married a better man for me! He is such a hard worker in every aspect of his life and a wonderful husband and father. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

19 Months and Growing

I've been meaning to post all week but it's been a busy week! Ellie is 19 months old this week and I needed to get some things documented so I don't forget them.

A couple months ago I bought this small wooden table and chair set for Ellie. I've seen all of these people use chalkboard paint on HGTV and wanted to try it out for myself. I decided this table was the perfect place to try it out on! So I painted the whole table black and then painted the top of the table with the chalkboard paint (you can actually get the paint tinted in may colors but I wanted it black). I love it! One day I hope to have a playroom where I can use chalkboard paint all over but for now this works.

In conjunction with the new table has come a love of coloring or in Ellie's words "cowering". She wants to "cower" all the time. And let me tell you how grateful I am to Crayola for inventing WASHABLE crayons. I try to keep the coloring to the table but I think I've found crayon marks all over the tile, walls, etc in the front room/kitchen area. But it wipes off so easily that it's not a big deal at all!

I've gotten back into running lately with the purchase of a jogging stroller off a Craigslist and with the help of my friend Karlie who has helped me decide to train for a marathon in May. We've been going running a few mornings a week together and I realize just how much harder it is to run while pushing a stroller. I'm no where near the shape I need to be in but I'm hoping to start logging more and more miles as the weather cools off more here. Ellie and Karlie's boy Sam get to play together for a little bit after our runs while we stretch so they enjoy that part of it and Ellie likes being outside again. (We still spend most of our time indoors since it's hovering in high 90's).

Ellie has been amazing me with her vocabulary growth lately and learning of new skills. It seems like for a while she was stuck on the same 20 words but now she adds new ones on a daily basis. Which makes it fun for me to try and figure out what all of the words mean! My favorite thing lately is that she has finally started to fold her arms for longer than a second while we say our prayers. While I was saying the prayer over dinner last night I couldn't help but laugh in the middle because she started saying her own prayer during mine - Rob and I both opened our eyes and she was there with her head down, arms folded and all trying to express her own thoughts. This age has been so fun for me because I love seeing how much she copies everything we do. Not to mention it's a great lesson to me on some of my habits that I don't want her copying. It really hadn't hit me just how much of an example I am in everything for her and makes me want to be better. And I love that I have a little helper now also. She wants to help me vacuum and dust and pick up everything which is awesome! It's fun to have a little buddy with me everywhere.

Ellie has also become much more of a Daddy's girl also. Most people know that from day one - she's kind of preferred her mommy. But now Daddy is who she asks for when she wakes up in the morning and all day long she wonders where he is. When I tell her that Daddy will be home soon - she runs to the front window and climbs up the couch and looks out the window for him. I can tell when his car pulls in because she laughs and laughs and gets so excited and goes barreling off the couch to greet him at the front door.

I took this picture 4 weeks ago AFTER her first day of nursery where I think she cried most of the time. I needed to document it but forgot to get the picture when her dress was done up and she was happy! She's still not really quite sure if she wants to be in there yet but there are great leaders and her friends to have fun with so I'm sure it'll be more fun for her eventually (and I think she only cries for a few minutes now).

Sunday, September 07, 2008

California Dreaming

We got back last night from our week long vacation to San Diego. It was great to come home and see Rob (he was only able to join us for half of the week due to work) but I definitely didn't like coming back to the heat (Still over 100+ here!). San Diego really is the perfect temperature!

FYI: This post contains lots of pictures since I don't feel like doing multiple posts!

We spent the week on Mission Beach in a little beach house with Rob's parents. Our place was about a block away from the beach. Rob's brother's family and a couple other families were sharing a beach house that was on the beach about a mile away. So that was fun to spend a few days with them. We ate tons of great food and I'm addicted to Yogurt-Land and really think they need to expand to Arizona!

On Sunday we went to church and then went to the beautiful San Diego temple to walk around and take some pictures.

Monday we spent the majority of the day at the beach. Ellie wasn't too sure about the water or the sand but we had fun boogie boarding and enjoying the crowded beach.

Fighting over the chair with cousin Kimmy

Ellie hanging out with dad and cousin Eden

Not sure what to think about the sand

On Tuesday we went to Sea World with Rob's parents. Rob was able to get in FREE because of his past service in the military. Thank you Anheuser-Busch! I think that's the only time I've been grateful to a beer company. :) I hadn't been to Sea World in years and it was actually really fun to see the shows and animals and do the few rides that they have there. And the best part is since we went after Labor Day - there was hardly anyone there. Ellie LOVED the little kid rides that they had and threw a tantrum when we left that area. She kept saying "wee, wee, wee".
You can tell by Ellie's face how much she loved the ride

I think I was a little obsessive about putting sunscreen on her face since she started copying me!

Dad, Ellie, and Grandma

Wednesday morning we went to breakfast at the Mission restaurant before Rob had to fly back and I think that is the best breakfast I have ever had! These cinnamon bread french toast pancakes with a berry puree and syrup and rosemary potatoes were divine. It's a good thing I was only on vacation for a week or I would be in trouble with all the eating we did! Rob flew back to Phoenix and we spent the afternoon at the beach. It was a very empty beach and Ellie wanted nothing to do with it since there was no kids to play with that day. She ended up taking an almost 3 hour nap in the condo while my father in law stayed up there and read and my mother in law and I enjoyed the beach.

Thursday we went to the San Diego Zoo with Rob's parents. This zoo is massive! My feet were hurting by the end with all the walking. We were able to see a leopard being fed and Ellie was able to pet some sheep and goats in the children's area of the zoo.

We also checked out Seal Beach. It was fun to see so many seals in one spot and lots of crabs too! I even got a little video of the baby seal trying to get up on the rock.

Friday we once again spent at the beach. Ellie loved the beach this day - even venturing into the water a little bit. She was completely covered in sand and didn't even care! She spent time following around all the kids but especially loved her cousin Eden all afternoon. She kept climbing onto her and following her everywhere and calling her "Edie".
Playing with cousin Avery

Hiding underneath the lifeguard station

The kids told me they were playing house

Proof that I was at the beach

Climbing in holes with Eden

Playing with Ty

Lots of fun with Eden

Overall such a great trip! Thanks again Bob and Diane.