Saturday, February 28, 2009

Train Park

I had heard a lot about this "train park" in Scottsdale but had never been. On Thursday we finally were able to check it out with some friends. It was a really fun park although quite busy! They have 3 or 4 different playgrounds that are all close together including a slide with rollers (I think the highlight for Ellie) as well as rock wall to climb (another favorite).

After playing for a bit, we went and rode the train around the park. It was cute and the kids just loved it. Ellie has been talking about the train and saying "choo, choo" ever since.

Friday, February 27, 2009


We got a bubble machine and Ellie is in heaven! We've already had to replace the batteries. It provide hours of fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dress up

This week can be pretty much summed up as a week of dress up! Ever since Ellie got all of her princess dress up shoes and clothes for her birthday last week.... she has been wearing them non-stop. Along with any sort of dress or my church shoes and hat that she can find! I mean I literally have to bribe her to put on regular clothes so we can go out in public. I guess I should be happy she is wearing ANY clothes around the house because the week before I had a little nudist on my hand that didn't want to wear anything! She loves to get her picture taken too in all of her outfits.

We went to the park a lot this week to enjoy the weather and to keep Ellie happy after I dragged her on some runs with me. And on Thursday met up with some friends at our favorite park in Chandler, Tumbleweed Park. It was a little more crowded than other times but Ellie finally got brave and went down all of the slides by herself.

Ellie also managed to get down her baby powder from the diaper changing area and proceeded to empty the entire bottle in my room in a matter of minutes. It was EVERYWHERE! At least my room smelled good for a few days though.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Two years ago I was looking at this tiny little face:

And now I'm looking at this grown up (but still adorable) face:

We celebrated her birthday tonight by having Rob's parents, grandma, and brother's family over. I had my first attempt at an ice cream cake and I think I'm definitely going to be making that a tradition. We also had "cakes" as Ellie calls cupcakes.

Ellie scored on the presents tonight - with plenty of princess apparel (including shoes!), kitchen dishes, and a new doll. She is a happy girl! Her little cousin Avery helped her open almost all the presents and was soo excited about every one of them for Ellie. It was so cute - I loved it.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

February Week 1

Superbowl Sunday was especially great this year to watch our Arizona Cardinals playing. Even if they didn't win - it was still fun to have a home team to cheer fr and they made for a really exciting game.

On that Sunday, my dog Roxy kept throwing up. It continued throughout the day and night and into the next morning and I made an appointment with the vet on Monday morning. After some x-rays it was determined that there was SOMETHING in her stomach and colon but not sure what it was. Unfortunately it was pretty serious and blocking everything so she had to have emergency surgery done. They ended up pulling 6 rubber stamps out of her little body! Not sure how she managed to swallow them whole. And yes the vet cleaned them up for me and put them in a bag and I took a picture before throwing them away! It was a rough few days trying to get Roxy to eat her medicine and eat and drink regular food again and not move to much. But she seems to be on the mend, I just have to watch her and her jumping. And make sure she doesn't eat anything crazy like that again!!

On Thursday we went with our friends Brooklyn and E* to a fun little indoor play center. They had 8 different playhouses that all had a different theme - princess dress up, police, fire, house, school, grocery, etc. A indoor small track to ride Little Tikes cars around, a small bouncy house, train set, etc. It was a cute and fun little place. Plus nice for us moms to be able to visit while the kids ran around and we could see them from where we were sitting!

Ellie is on another cold for the year. Unfortunately for me it doesn't seem to slow her down one bit - even though we're stuck near home since I don't want her getting anyone else sick!

And then on Friday when I was at the grocery store, I had unnerving experience seeing a lady pass away from a heart attack. She collapsed in line at the grocery store and fire fighters tried to resuscitate her for a good 15-20 minutes before they loaded her up in the ambulance with no hurry to go anywhere. It was very unsettling seeing someone in that condition with a completely gray face. Moments like that really make you think and made me stop a say a quick prayer for her and her family and hug mine a little closer.

It was a strange week!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

January in Review

I've completely been neglecting my blog and January flew by way too fast for me! I was trying so hard to get my house reorganized and cleaned up and catch up on life that blogging was on the bottom of the list. But hopefully I can get back to my regular posting! I'm going to sum up January in a nutshell:

We've spent a ton of time outside enjoying our backyard and local parks in this beautiful January weather of high 70's and mid 80's temperatures. (Seriously - these winter months are why I live here!). We met some friends at the park to feed the ducks and play on the playground:

Ellie played dress up in my red shoes:

We celebrated two of Ellie's friends birthday's in January also. First one was for Brooklyn at a local park:

And then we celebrated E*'s birthday a couple of weeks later at a park across from her house:

The three girls were all born within a month of each other and have known each other since birth. It's always fun to get them together!

Went streaking in the backyard:

Said goodbye to Nicole, Jason and Broc before they moved to Texas: