Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Swimming and Spring Training

We had a fun long weekend visit with my dad and Debbie. We packed a lot into 4 days and Ellie loved every minute and was heartbroken when they left! She's still talking about them and all the fun things she did with them.

We took advantage of the hotel pool and went swimming a couple of times. Ellie was terrified of the water last year but now I can't get her out of it! The water was a little too cold for my taste but Ellie didn't care and luckily Grandpa White was willing to get in it and catch her.

On Friday afternoon we went to Peoria and to a spring training game. We watched our Mariners lose but it was fun to see Ken Griffey Jr in a Mariners uniform again! And of course just enjoying an afternoon in the sun was nice. Ellie spent a good portion of time wrestling with Grandpa.

We did a lot of eating out at Mexican restaurants and watched a lot of the NCAA basketball games as well. We love having family come to visit but it's always sad to see them go!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zoo & Makuto's Island

I've been feeling guilty for all the time we have spent indoors lately since I don't feel good.... so last week we did a couple of adventures outside the house. Since the morning is the only time I feel okay - we did both things in the morning.

On Tuesday morning we headed to the zoo and met up with a friend my home ward in Washington, Michelle. We don't live too far from each other but have yet to get together and it was fun to finally meet her two little girls. Ellie liked playing on the Little People playground and seeing the animals and the new cave area that the zoo just put in. I had to pull her away from that area kicking and screaming! It was a little crowded at the zoo with many schools out on Spring Break and we only managed to see part of the zoo before I wasn't feeling well. We'll have to go back a few more times before it gets too hot!

On Friday morning we met up with some friend's at Makuto's Island in Chandler. Such a fun place! I think Ellie is still a little too young to enjoy a lot of it but she was quite happy crawling through tunnels and looking at the fish tank. Of course my camera battery died right when we got there but thanks to Amy and Christina.... I have a few pictures of the day!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Funastics again. I love this little gymnastics place! Ellie did the balance beam a ton and loved hanging and flipping upside on these rings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Since I've had a lot of people e-mail me asking me the same questions.... I decided I'm just going to answer them on here for inquiring minds.

How do you feel?
Unfortunately pretty much the same as I felt with Ellie. I wasreally hoping to be one of those people that had a completely different pregnancy experience! This time I was lucky enough to start getting sick at week 6 (instead of 7 with Ellie). I immediately went on a generic version of Zofran and Phenergran as soon as I started throwing up. These definitely limit the amount of times I throw up - but do not take away the horrible nausea. That stays with me ALL day but is worse in the afternoon and evening. So we do a lot of our active and busy stuff in the morning. I am a lot more tired this pregnancy also. I take naps whenever Ellie does and go to sleep before 10 most nights.

Does Anything Help?
The generic Zofran and Phenergran help and the only other thing to help is ironically eating. Food sounds and taste terrible to me but I've learned I HAVE to choke something down every 2 hours or I get even more sick. Such a struggle when I do not want to eat, the mere thought of food makes me gag, and I gag while eating most of the time and it's not guaranteed to stay down. I've been living on cereal, toast, bagels and Eggos. Carbs are my friend right now! Like last pregnancy - Slurpees are one of the few things I crave. Not sure why they taste so good when they are loaded with sugar but Ellie is enjoying the stops for Slurpees and Icees.

When are you due?
The doctor says October 19th is my official due date, we'll see when this little one will make their appearance. I say we're due around the middle of October.

Have you had an ultrasound?
Yes, we have already seen the little bean and he/she is measuring right on schedule. We also saw and heard the heartbeat.

Any inklings on whether it's a boy or a girl?
Rob is leaning much more towards girl while I haven't decided what I think yet. I keep calling the baby a "she/her" out of habit from last time and originally thought for sure it was another girl but have since become pretty neutral on what I think. I've had dreams about both boy and girl babies this time. So I'm just going to not think about it until we have the big ultrasound in a few months!

Do you want a boy or a girl?
This time I really don't care. I knew I wanted a girl first. I would love for Ellie to have a sister (especially since I never got one) and it would be great to use all of the clothes that we have already and all of that stuff. But a boy would be a whole new adventure and I could do more shopping for cute boy stuff! So either way we'll be happy. We just want a healthy baby!

What does Ellie think?
She talks a lot about "the baby in mommy's tummy" and spends a lot of time talking to my belly button. I don't think she really gets it but plenty of time to work on that one! She has been really good lately with a not so fun mom and I'm so grateful she is at an age where she is somewhat independent. It's been a huge help to me!

Do you have any names picked out?
Nope and we will probably decide on a name in the hospital so don't bother asking! :)