Friday, April 24, 2009

Jeepers & Splash Park

I'm way behind on documenting (since I'm STILL throwing up just about every afternoon/evening) but I didn't want get any further behind. I took WAY too many pictures when we had playgroup at Jeepers last week. If you live in the area and haven't been in a while.... it's definitely worth the price tag! It's only $5 for a wristband that gets the kids unlimited rides (as well as lets them play on the play area if they are under 5). Ellie was in heaven going on all the rides! Thankfully Amy and C were willing to go on the rides with her since I think I would have definitely lost my lunch.

We hit up one of the local (and free) splash parks on Wednesday since the weather has already reached in the 100's here. The kids seemed to really enjoy it until we pulled out the snacks and then they didn't want to play as much anymore! I did have to drag Ellie away this year from the water (last year she would hardly touch it). I know we'll be making this a weekly visit to the splash park! And I have to say that this is the first time that I've used my camera off of the Automatic setting. I was quite happy with my results!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thankful for Ultrasounds!

I had my second OB appointment today and my regular doctor wasn't there (which he told me in advance he would be gone) so I had his nurse instead. She took my blood pressure and then got out the doppler and proceeded to search and search and search for the heartbeat. I was starting to panic a little bit at this point but I think she could sense that and she quickly turned on the ultrasound machine and I could see my little baby kicking its feet. Thank goodness! She still really struggled to find the heartbeat so I'm not sure what was going on but I am not as concerned since we saw the baby on the ultrasound machine. Ellie came with me and she was soo good and kept talking about the baby in my tummy. We still have 4 weeks until the big ultrasound but I'm getting more and more excited!

I'm still not feeling great in the afternoons/evenings and I seemed to peak in throwing up last week for some reason. But the last couple of days I've actually been craving orange juice. I'm pretty excited to have A CRAVING at all since most food sounds repulsive still!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

We had a packed full Easter weekend!

We started it off on Friday by going to my friend Amy's house with some friends and dying Easter eggs. I was really grateful that she organized it because I was thinking the egg coloring wasn't going to happen this year while I feel so sick!

After the egg coloring, we headed to Golfland for the free Easter Egg hunt. I don't recommend going to that one! We waited in line for an hour and then found out that they weren't really giving that many eggs out. So we grabbed lunch (that I am pretty sure gave me food poisoning) and headed home. I can't believe we lasted so long in line with our girls!

Saturday we took Ellie to Bass Pro Shop to see the Easter bunny. She loved seeing him and was so excited but after the lines we stood in on Friday, we opted not to stand in line for a picture. We just waved at him and called it good!

Today Ellie got all dressed up in her really pretty Easter dress and while she didn't let me brush her hair, she did put in a headband and kept it in most of church! I was shocked.

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church so we did a little egg hunt in the backyard after we came home. Ellie was very excited with her basket and finding eggs (although we had to show her what to do at first).

This evening we went to Rob's parents house for another egg hunt and Easter dinner. Ellie loves being with her cousins and had lots of fun gathering eggs now that she had the concept down. She has eaten plenty of candy already and has plenty more for the rest of the week. It has now joined the "potty training" candy since I'm hoping to get her fully potty trained in the next couple of months.

Even with all of the fun of having a child to enjoy the Easter bunny and excitement of egg hunts with, I'm even more grateful for the true meaning of this Easter holiday. It always reminds me of my time spent in Jerusalem and sitting in the Garden Tomb area and contemplating on the life of the Savior and all of His sacrifices on my behalf.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

12 Weeks Down

I'm finally at 12 weeks and still feel like I'm in a fog! Most people start feeling better at the end of the first trimester but no sign of that for me. And if it follows like last pregnancy - I have another 6 or so weeks of this. I'm pretty much sick and tired of feeling so miserable and have spent enough time with my toilet to last me a LONG time. I have no cravings right now, basically all food sounds terrible to me all the time. I do love Slurpees and any kind of soda though. It's weird because I am not a huge soda pop drinker until I'm pregnant.

On the positive side - in 5 weeks we will hopefully know what we are having! That gender ultrasound is definitely giving me something to look forward to and he/she better cooperate that day. Feel free to vote on the sidebar. We still have mixed thoughts on what we think we are having!

Another plus is this little one will have a cousin close in age! Rob's sister Erin is expecting and we are due the same week in October. It's too bad they live across the country right now but hopefully they move back to Arizona at some point!

Eliza is becoming more and more entertaining each day. She loves to sing! We probably sing "Popcorn Popping", "Old MacDonald", and "Twinkle, Twinkle", 20 times each day. But my personal favorite is in church when we are singing hymns. For some reason she decides to sing at the top of her lungs her own words and her own tune. I'm sure we entertain people around us. And I should probably start teaching her more of the hymns so she can actually sing with us! She loves to play on the piano what she calls her "happy song" (a bunch of random notes and chords that drive the dogs crazy). I really need to pull out the video camera and get these things recorded. That's the only downside to my camera - it doesn't have a video recording option!

Here are a couple of pictures I took at 12 weeks. It's hard to tell from the pictures but I already look bigger than I did last time at 12 weeks. It's amazing how fast I popped out with this one! I start off the day pretty small and then by the end of the day - I definitely have a bump. I've been avoiding going shopping for maternity clothes but I think I need to soon - especially since it's already getting into the 90's here and I have nothing that is cool enough to wear!