Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Week 2009

We had a whole week of fun Christmas activities lined up last week! We started off the week by making a gingerbread house for Family Home Evening. I took the easy route this year and bought a pre-assembled kit that came with the candy. While I like the convenience of it, it wasn't nearly as much fun as assembling it ourselves and using all sorts of candy to make a creative house. But for this year, it worked perfectly! Ellie loved decorating and eating the candy along the way. I will upload the finished product when my computer decides to download it!

We had a little glitch in the week of fun when Ellie found a permanent marker that I didn't even know we owned and managed to color all over the wall in the hallway, in the bathroom, a small section of the wall in the master, a small section in her room, her dresser, her bedroom door, my bedroom door, and the bathroom door. May I repeat - with a permanent marker! And all in a matter of 5 minutes. Santa almost didn't come to our house. After trying every remedy I read about online, I gave up and resigned myself to repainting everything. On the plus side, my wall in the hallway is finally the right color and looks good! On the downside, I'm still trying to find the right paint match for the master bedroom. And still trying to figure out a way to cover up the tiny section in her room without buying more paint. Not how I wanted to be spending my Wednesday before Christmas - painting!

Christmas Eve we spent at Rob's parents house with a nice dinner, watching of Luke 2 movie, and opening sibling gifts and gifts from the grandparents. We headed home afterwards to prepare for Santa. Ellie quickly got into her Christmas pajamas (we give out pajamas and ornaments when we decorate the tree at the beginning of the month so she can wear the jammies all month long) and then we left the cookies and milk for Santa and brown sugar for the reindeer and a note to Santa. Ellie quickly went to sleep and I was quite happy since Santa was able to get everything set up and ready at a decent hour.

Ellie woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare and wanted to go and sleep on the couch and threw quite a tantrum when I wouldn't let her do that (since Santa had already visited). I managed to convince her to come lay in our bed and go to sleep and then she slept in until 8:30. Not too bad! I had to even wake her up at that point since Rob's parents had breakfast at their house at 10 and I wanted to make sure there was enough time for anything.

Santa listened very well and got Ellie the bike and helmet that she asked for! It was hilarious to watch Ellie on Christmas morning since she didn't even notice the bike at first. She noticed her stocking and the stuff next to her stocking and was thrilled with the coloring book and crayons that were left for her. Then she was beyond excited about the bike and immediately tried to ride it. We've had lots of fun trying to help her learn how to ride it (it has training wheels and everything on it) because she can't get the concept of pedaling forward down... she knows how to brake really well! She had a couple books and movies in her stocking. She also got the fun Elefun game from Mom and Dad along with the Glow Doodle. Grandpa White and Grandma Debbie got her a Little People wagon and lego set (which she loves to pile all her toys into and wheel around the house). Chloe got a few little toys for her carseat and Rob and I mostly got books this year... although he did surprise me with a beautiful necklace as well. All in all a great Christmas morning!

And just for fun... don't you just want to eat this little chubby Chloe all up? I can't get enough of my sweet roly poly baby girl!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chloe's Baby Blessing

We were able to have Chloe blessed this last weekend on December 13th. My dad and Debbie were able to be there and Rob's sister Erin and her family was also in town from New York. It was great to have family there with us to share the special day!
Chloe was great and didn't make a peep and Rob gave her a wonderful blessing.

Me and the blessing girl.

Family picture with Grandpa White and Grandma Debbie

Our first picture as a family of 4

Great Grandma Bodine and Chloe

Another family shot

Afterwards, we had family over at our house for a little luncheon. Debbie helped me make most of the food the day before so it was pretty low key.
A happy Chloe

On Monday evening, we were able to go to the blessing of our neice Jane (Rob's sister Erin's daughter). Jane is only 6 days older than Chloe so it'll be fun to watch them grow up together. We got pictures of Jane and Chloe with Grandma Bodine (the maker of their blessing dresses) and then Erin and I with our girls. We're sad that they live so far away in New York and we don't get to see them often!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Tree, Temple Lights and Santa Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we got our Christmas tree from the local Home Depot. A lot different than my memories from growing up and going to a real tree farm and cutting down a Christmas tree... but it's the best we can do in Arizona. We got a Noble Fir this year (the kind that I grew up with) and I love it and the smell. Ellie helped me decorate and so far has been pretty good about not touching the ornaments too much. We get our Christmas pajamas at the beginning of the month so the kids can wear them all month so I tried to get them to pose in front of the tree. Poor Chloe doesn't look too thrilled with her sister's method of holding her!

My dad and Debbie came into town this last weekend since we were blessing Chloe. On Friday night we went to Mango's for dinner and then over to the Mesa temple to look at the lights. Ellie loved seeing all the lights and Chloe slept the whole time. We even managed to run into some friends from home in University Place - Ginger and James Coleman! (They live here in Arizona too but we don't see them very often).

On Saturday we decided to try out the Bass Pro Shop and their free Santa pictures. My dad and Debbie had given Ellie this adorable tutu with a matching headband earlier in the day. Well when it came time to get ready to go get Santa pictures done, I couldn't convince Ellie to change into anything else! So she wore her tutu over her jeans the whole night and for the Santa pictures. Pretty funny kid! While we waited for our turn for Santa pictures (they gave us a card to come back at a different time and avoid a long line) we went to Rubio's for dinner and then to Angel Sweet for dessert. We then headed back to Bass Pro and Ellie wrote a letter to Santa before she got her picture taken. I need to scan in the picture still but she wouldn't sit on Santa's lap - she left that to Chloe. She did tell Santa what she wanted even if it was very QUIET (A bicycle and helmet). Afterwards we walked around Bass Pro Shop for a little bit and checked out all the fun things in that store. And even had a scare of losing Ellie for a little bit too... that part wasn't my favorite event of the night! After Santa pictures we went to Barnes and Noble where Grandpa taught Ellie how to use headphones to listen to music.

And just because she's so cute - here are a couple of pictures of Chloe laughing that I managed to catch on camera:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

November Recap

November is pretty much a blur to me right now due to the newborn baby Chloe, sickness and more sickness! We spent quite a bit of time at home in November and it seemed like at least one person in the house was sick at any given time during the month. But it seems like we are all healthy again and December is going much more smoothly!

We took a trip to the zoo with our friends Karlie and Sam in the middle of the month. Ellie loves to see the giraffes and monkeys! And the weather was fabulous. Chloe spent the whole time sleeping in the stroller (she is such a good baby!). I only took one picture when we there... not sure what I was thinking!

Chloe is continuing to grow bigger and is becoming a lot more fun. She is still such a good sleeper and I love that (although I'm still exhausted every day!). She smiles every day and has even started a little laugh. Ellie continues to love on her more than Chloe would like as captured by some of her faces in these pictures:

Ellie got this new coat and insists on wearing it all the time. I had to capture her falling asleep on the couch still in her coat:

December has been busy and a lot more fun already so I'm going to try and get updated here!