Monday, February 22, 2010

Chloe is 4 Months Old

I took both the girls in for well visit checkups last week. Ellie in for her 3 year old check up and Chloe for her 4 month visit and some shots.

Ellie is right about average for her weight and height weighing in at 32 lbs and 37 inches tall.

Chloe on the other hand decided to deviate from her older sister and is measuring at a little over 25 inches tall (75%) and 13 lbs in weight (25%) with a head measuring in the 10% range. She hardly cried when she got her shots and was smiling at the nurse within a few seconds and promptly went to sleep after that. Much different than Ellie's reaction at the mere mention of shots!

I like to compare the girls stats and at the exact same age, Ellie was only 24 inches tall and well over 14 lbs in weight. So Chloe is taller and skinnier which could explain why I had hardly any clothes for Ellie in the 3-6 month range... Ellie seemed to skip over that size and quickly went into 6-12 month sizes!

Chloe is still such a wonderful baby! I am enjoying every minute of how easy going she is. She still continues to sleep through the night like a champ and will nap just about anywhere during the day. She smiles at everyone and laughs a lot - usually at her big sister Ellie. So I guess the constant hugs and kisses that Ellie gives her are paying off because she adores her older sister! Chloe can roll all around the room and is attempting to scoot a little bit as well. I'm not encouraging it though because I know what comes when she gets more mobile and I'm perfectly fine with her waiting a while!

The other day Ellie had left her baby doll on the ground and Chloe rolled all the way over and stole the baby doll's pacifier. It was pretty funny!

Ellie is 3 (Or Free)

Ellie turned 3 last week on February 15th. Or in her words she is now "free!". To celebrate we had a Curious George themed birthday party with some of her friends and cousins. She has been asking about her George party for a good month so I was happy that it finally arrived!

The invitation:

We got Ellie some balloons and a small Mylar of Curious George but they ended up upgrading to this gigantic Curious George balloon. It's bigger than Ellie! And still up floating around the house over a week later. She loves it!

We played a few games like a banana toss into monkey shaped mouths, pin the banana on the monkeys hand, made a monkey faced craft and the kids all played outside in the beautiful February in Arizona weather. Ellie, Sam and Wyatt had fun putting rocks inside of our rock wall. And Ellie and Katie played catch with a Curious George bouncy ball. And of course the ever popular playhouse and shopping cart. Good thing we gave her a playhouse early for her birthday! (And in case you were wondering.... 8 kids and toys can fit inside that playhouse!)

I attempted making monkey cupcakes:

And Ellie scored a haul from all her wonderful friends. She loves each and every present she received and they have been well loved in the last week. She is still talking about her George birthday party and having fun with all of her friends and cousins. So I think it was a success!

Chloe chilled with Dad during the party:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 2010 Updates

Where to begin? The last few weeks have been busy in the Bodine house!

Ellie started a princess dance class and she loves it! She has been doing her dance moves all week long and keeps on telling me thank you for taking her to it. So cute! I'm excited to see what she keeps learning in this class. (And maybe one of these weeks she'll cooperate for a decent picture!)

Chloe is rolling all around the room now that she mastered rolling in both directions. She is 4 months old today and we'll go in for a check up later this week. She is very vocal with lots of squeals and laughing. She'll do little giggles for Rob and I but she adores her sister. Ellie can get Chloe laughing for long periods and I don't know what she finds so funny but it's sure cute since it sends Ellie into laughing when Chloe laughs. Love to hear my girls having fun together!

I let Ellie feed Chloe a bottle the other day. Chloe rarely gets a bottle so this was the first time that Ellie has been able to feed her. Ellie loved being my little helper.

On the bad news end, Rob was in a car accident last week. We're thankful that he is fine but our vehicle did not make it. So we quickly had to do research and go car shopping this weekend and now are the owners of a gray 2004 Honda Civic. Hoping it'll be a good car for us since everyone seems to love their Honda! And hoping this compact car will help a little on gas mileage since it will be Rob's commuter car to the other side of Phoenix every day. Wish us luck!

I recruited my friend Rachael to take pictures of me and the girls as part of a present to give to Rob for Valentine's Day. They turned out cute even though Ellie didn't last long! I am rarely in pictures with my kids so that was an added bonus for me as well.