Friday, March 26, 2010

Faye Grant Robins

My wonderful Grandma (Faye Grant) Robins passed away on March 13,2010. I have lots and lots of memories of my Grandma. I'm the only daughter of my grandma's only daughter so I always felt like we had a special bond! When I was a baby, we lived really close to my grandparents and I know that my Grandma tended me a lot and always had funny stories to tell me about things I did as a baby. And Grandma always had lots of good pioneer stories to tell us about our early ancestors - Jedediah Morgan Grant and Heber J Grant. For most of my growing up years, my grandparents lived about an hour away from us so we saw them on most holidays. I remember sleeping over at their house during summers and my grandma taking me shopping and loving it. And then when I was in high school, my grandparents moved 2 miles from my house and we saw them even more frequently! My grandparents came to a lot of our sporting events and musical stuff that we were involved with and then when I graduated from BYU, my grandparents were there to enjoy that with me as well.

Grandma and Grandpa Robins with Ellie as a baby

Grandma and Grandpa Robins at BYU Graduation in 2002

After I graduated from BYU, my grandparents offered to let me live in their house in Arizona while they went to Washington for the summer. It was such a blessing to me that they were so generous and even let me have some roommates while they were gone! We loved that house and of course moving to Arizona is how I met my wonderful husband so I feel doubly blessed. I lived with my grandma and grandpa on and off for over 2 years (they would come back for a few months each year to Arizona). Grandma always made sure I ate enough food and made sure I was dating the right guys. She always loved to tell jokes (and usually repeated them often) and loved playing games like Mexican Train and Rummy. She loved visitors coming over and was amazing at staying in contact with friends throughout the years. She always had a story to tell about something and was great about listening and finding out about others.

My grandma was a breast cancer survivor and for the last few years was battling with another form of cancer, dealing with regular dialysis for diabetes, and had a problem with one of her heart valves. Although I know she is no longer in pain and is reunited with my mom, my aunt, my cousin and her parents.... I will really miss my grandma and remember all the fun that I had with her!

We were able to go up to Utah for the funeral last weekend and although not a happy occasion it was great to spend time with my Robins side of the family. And it was the first time that my brothers, Dad and I have all been together in over 5 years! Someone has always been on a mission but everyone is home now. Ellie loved all the attention she got from my Uncle's and her Uncles and we enjoyed meeting my cousin's kids and seeing cousins that I haven't seen in a LONG time.

Ellie with Uncle Evan

Ellie playing a game in Great Grandpa's Basement

Chloe worn out!

My Grandma's viewing was on Friday night and Ellie was convinced that great grandma was just sleeping. So we let her think that! After the viewing most of the family went out to eat together at Marie Callendar's (the only place that could fit our large group at that time on a Friday night).
2 of my Handsome (and Single) Brothers - Kory and Tysen

On Saturday morning was my grandma's funeral. The grandkids all sang "Nearer, My God, to Thee" which was really hard for me to get through. Trent and Kory did a musical number on the violin and piano. My Uncle Gary and Great Aunt Betty gave a life history of my Grandma and my dad spoke about the Plan of Salvation. It was a nice funeral and my brother Trent played the violin at the graveside before the grave was dedicated by my Uncle Dale. Afterwards the ward had a nice luncheon for us at the church and we were able to visit with family some more.
Family Shot of my brothers checking their bracket standings

My brothers Trent, Tysen, and Kory

Saturday afternoon was spent visiting with my brothers, Dad and Debbie, Uncles, cousins and some other extended family. We watched a LOT of basketball games and enjoyed being around the Robins side of the family. Now we just need a reunion that is NOT due to a funeral!

Arizona Museum for Youth with Dad

We love the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa and go there quite often during the day with friends... but we never get to take Daddy with us because he is working hard while we are "playing" and the museum closes at 4. A few weeks ago they decided to extend the hours until 7 on a Friday and we took advantage of it and went after Rob was home from work! Even better for us - no one else must have paid attention to the later hours this day becuase we were the ONLY people in the whole place besides the employees!

It was great to see the new spring training baseball exhibit without anyone else being in our way! They have tons of interactive areas like baseball on the Wii and a game of toss as well as different uniforms for the kids to try on.

And then of course the Artzone never fails to dissapoint with the tent, crafts, play kitchen, doll house, etc. We love the "AMY"! And loved showing Dad what we are talking about when Ellie tells him about all the stuff she did at the museum.

Dressing up like the "Where the Wild Things Are" Character

Ellie loves the play tent

Dad and Chloe

Ellie and Dad playing in the kitchen

Baseball exhibit

Driving the car in the Artzone

Playing with the dollhouse

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Training Visitors!

I love March in Arizona because it means Spring Training baseball! And also usually means we get some visitors. This year Shanna came to visit us the first weekend in March. Rob was at an all day conference in Phoenix the whole time she was here which worked out well for us to have an all-girls weekend. We were able to go to the Mariners vs Padres spring training game on the Friday that she was in town. My friend Amy watched Ellie for us all afternoon so Shanna and I could just go to the game with Chloe. We had great seats near the Mariners dugout and Chloe kept everyone in our section entertained with her smiles and "talking". Apparently she was keeping the dugout entertained as well since one of the Mariners Players (Carrera) came out and specifically gave Chloe a ball! So cute. Her first Mariners baseball before she was even 5 months old! After the baseball game, we made a stop at Sprinkles for some yummy cupcakes. And then had to hit up our old haunt of Cafe Rio. We ended the night by watching some cheesy Hallmark movie on tv.
Thanks to Shanna for letting me borrow the pictures for this post!

On Saturday we took both Ellie and Chloe and went to take out the Dodgers new spring training facility in Phoenix. It is a beautiful ballpark and our lawn seats were great to enjoy the grass. We grabbed Subway before and had a picnic on the grass. Ellie enjoyed cheering and singing the songs and playing on the grass.

After the ballgame we met up with Shanna's cousin and my friend Stacey and her little girl Emily for dinner at Oregano's. We had terrible service but the food and company was great!

Shanna had to head home on Sunday and we were sad but loved having her come. I think we should make it a yearly tradition for spring training.... what do you say Shan? And maybe one day we'll actually live in a house with a real guest bedroom. :)