Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trading Views

On November 1st make that OCTOBER 1st, we're trading views of the beautiful Arizona sunsets and cactus:

For this new view in Colorado:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer 2010

I realized as I was looking through my picture files that there are a lot of things we have done this summer that I haven't documented.

Fun at the Splash Park:

Jump & Shout, followed by splash park, Yodipity and Bass Pro Shop:

Around the house and backyard:

Brooklyn was over at our house and didn't have a swimsuit so I just let the girls play in their clothes in the swimming pool - they loved it!

Chloe got into red velvet cake while I wasn't looking and was proud of herself!

Dad and Ellie having a water fight

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eliza Starts Preschool

Eliza started preschool last week! (And she told me that she wants to be both Eliza and Ellie at preschool). She is at the Tiny Footsteps Preschool in Mesa for two hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. She loves it! She marched right in on the first day and was a little shy but had no problem with me leaving her. Obviously Ellie is a big fan of preschool because she asks every day if she can go! I'm glad she is enjoying it. It's just weird for me to have only one child for a few hours a week. Not used to it at all and Chloe isn't quite sure what to do when her sister isn't around!

Chloe is 10 Months Old!

I've been terrible about blogging/journaling lately and need to get this post done before even more months pass! Chloe turned 10 months old over the weekend. She has learned lots of new things!

First off - she WALKS! All over the place. She started taking steps at 9 months and now at 10 months she just takes off and walks all over the house. It still throws me off to see her walking down the hall to me or pushing her sister's baby stroller or grocery cart. Of course she still throws plenty of crawling in throughout the day when she is not in the mood to walk! But she's getting better and better each day with walking and faster as well. In no time at all I know she will be running after me!

We played outside with bubbles the other day and Chloe was in heaven! We had Popsicles afterwards since it was only 110+. Chloe also loved playing in our water table. Now she tries to escape out the doggy door any chance that she can get!

Chloe is still very attached to mom. To the point of crying when I'm not holding her 24/7. It's nice being so loved but also very exhausting trying to do everything with one hand!

The times of day that I can get away with not holding her, Chloe is busy trying to play with her sister. Or as Eliza thinks - trying to torment her older sister. The two sisters are still trying to figure out how to play together! But Chloe adores her big sister and wants to be into and doing everything that she is - even if she's not big enough. Today I caught her climbing onto the couch where Ellie was sitting...

Chloe's favorite words to stay are Dad and Daddy. Occasionally Mommy gets thrown in. But most of the time it's all about Dad - although she doesn't want him to hold her if Mom is around.

Chloe LOVES apples. She will eat an apple whole! One day I caught her chewing on an apple and taking laps around my couch. I wish I had caught it on video. If anyone in our house is eating an apple she will do anything she can to get to that person and then fight until she gets possession of it. And then if she sees a fake apple (we have toy ones) - she will do whatever she can to try and eat it! It's hilarious. Good thing she has lots of teeth so she can enjoy apples already!

She is building up quite the personality and we can tell that she is going to be feisty and opinionated. She's had quite a few sickness scares in the last 6 weeks and had to use the at home breathing treatment machines and also been doing some more teething. So a lot more crying at our house than we're used to! But hopefully we're on the upside of that phase.

Eliza started preschool so Chloe and I have 4 hours each week to ourselves. Today, Chloe celebrated by falling asleep on the floor in our front room. I guess I wasn't exciting enough!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ivar's & Mariners Game

On my must list of things to do in Washington in the summer months is visit Ivar's on the waterfront and go to a Mariners game. Luckily they were in town at the very end of my visit. We picked a beautiful sunny day and Grandpa Snow White ditched out of work early.

First stop was Ivar's for some salmon and fries. And of course feeding the seagulls. My dad likes to tease the seagulls by feeding them french fries soaked in hot sauce. Ellie enjoyed feeding the birds but not if they got too close! And Chloe didn't know what to think.

Then we headed to the Mariner's game. We had great seats and tried to get even closer but got kicked out a section. Eliza willingly took a picture with the Mariner's Moose (although she was still pretty leary of the experience). We forgot to take a group shot inside so settled for a shot outside.

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's House

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Snow White know just how to prepare for a granddaughter's visit! They put together a pink princess bed for Eliza to sleep in (complete with a super soft and fuzzy pink blanket). Had tons of toys and books and balls and a skateboard. And the favorite - dress up clothes! I'm a little jealous of all the adorable dress up clothes. Anytime we were at the house, Ellie was wearing a new outfit of some sort. We even got Chloe in on the fun. Chloe was entertained with the dishwasher and plastic utensils and anything else that would fit in her mouth. And had her first taste of avocados which she loved!