Sunday, September 12, 2010

San Diego - Mission Beach 2010

I started this post over a month ago after we got back from spending Labor Day week on Mission Beach in San Diego, California. We shared a rental with Rob's parents and grandma and then Rob's brother Warren and his family along with a few other families had a beach house a little bit down the way from us. I think at one point I counted 25 kids amongst the group! Rob took the longest vacation I've seen him take since we've been married. And I was able to get some long overdue reading in (Mockingjay and the Uglies/Pretties series!).

Besides spending one day in the Emergency Room for Chloe's breathing problems - it was a fantastic week. Here she is in her hospital gown:

Ellie had a blast playing with her cousin Kimmy and Kimmy's cousin Lucy. And all the other kids that were there!

Chloe had no fear whatsoever. She ran as fast as she could into the water and didn't want to get out even though it was freezing! And I don't even want to know how much sand she consumed over the course of last week. In addition to the seaweed that she ate! But she loved it and was a true sand and beach baby.

We took a day and went and toured the new Mormon Batallion exhibit in Old Town San Diego and then walked around a bit. It is a very neat and interactive presentation!

Along with bike rides, lots of eating and lots of walking and playing - we just enjoyed being together as a family. Especially since I knew as soon as we got back we would be met with chaos in getting ready to move in 3 weeks or less!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Move

A few months ago we felt really strongly that it was time for Rob to start looking for a new job. We didn't know where that path would lead us but we started the job hunt. Originally we didn't think we would be leaving Arizona but we kept feeling prompted otherwise. After looking at jobs and interviewing all over the country, we both kept coming back to Colorado. So when Corinthian Colleges offered Rob a job with Everest College in Colorado Springs as the Director of Admissions...we both knew that was where we were supposed to be! A little scary in some ways since I have only visited the Denver airport a handful of times and driven through the state but have never really visited. But when you know a decision is right, you go with it!

Originally Everest College wanted Rob to start on November 1st and I thought we had plenty of time to get ready. But before we left on our week long beach vacation, we got a call asking if Rob could start work on October 4th! So that's where we are at. Rob will be doing the same type of work he does now but a higher position, salary, etc. And hopefully a better company than his current one!

Rob and I will be flying out Colorado Springs in a couple of weeks to find a place to live and then moving the end of September. It's a little overwhelming right now and although exciting, a little sad to leave where we have lived our whole married life! But we look forward to many new adventures as we take on this new journey in our family.

And if my blog starts lacking this month - it's because I am trying to fit in everything I can into the next 3 weeks before we move.... like packing up a whole house, garage sales, friends, etc.