Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 2011 Catch Up

I know it's been a while since I've last posted - probably because I feel like we've gotten into a nice and boring routine! We are filling up our times with ward playgroups, kids club at Chick-fil-a, watching friends in the ward, making new friends, going to neighbors houses to play, etc. Life is good. Rob is super busy at work and works crazy hours so we don't see him nearly as much as we would all like and sharing one car isn't very fun - but we're still enjoying life.

So far we have been impressed with Colorado Springs winters. I know everyone says this is a mild one but I'm glad! We went from temps close to 70, to freezing below 0 with extra wind chill added onto that, and now quite a few inches of snow on the ground. We were able to meet some friends at the park on one of the nice days a few weeks ago and it was great! The next day we were playing in the snow.

Today Ellie told me that when Chloe grows up and I have another baby girl in my tummy that we should name her Alligator. Gave me a good laugh. And no - this is NOT an announcement of any shape or kind. Just find it funny that she assumes that we would not have a boy and that she would have a say in the name.

Chloe had a double ear infection a couple of weeks ago that was terrible and when we went in for her 15 month well visit - it still hadn't gone away so she is on a different kind of antibiotics. She's still measuring a little on the smaller side at 20.6 lbs (25%), 29 inches (25%), and head circumference of 17 (below 25%). She is still our little comedian. She doesn't want to talk a whole lot yet but clearly understands me and will run and get her shoes when I ask her to, find her clothes, help me unload the dishwasher, help me clean, and try and walk Roxy. There is definitely not a dull moment with her around and being a bundle of energy! I was called to serve in the nursery in our ward which means Chloe gets to come in a few months early. We're working on her jealousy issues since she will hit any other child that tries to sit in my lap or that I pick up and hold. Hopefully I can figure something out or she will quickly be known as the "nursery bully". She still loves baths and the other day I caught her climbing fully clothed into the bath with Eliza! I just went to grab a towel before I put her in but she didn't want to wait.

Ellie/Eliza is counting down the days until her 4th birthday. She's been talking about having a Princess Party since we moved here so I finally am giving in and working on throwing a decent party for her on a budget. She's even declared it an "all girls party". Eliza is working on quite the imagination! We brought back some of my old My Little Pony's from growing up and she plays with those, her dolls, dress up, etc and has a lot of creativity. I want to follow her around and record her funny sayings! She is in a tap/ballet combo class and loves going each week. I'm starting a homeschooling preschool this week (just her and I) until the fall when we'll hopefully find another preschool program for her to go to. We fill up the rest of the time with playdates and playing at home.

We got a play tunnel and tent that has gotten TONS of use during the cold winter days. I need a whole tent system I think for the girls!

Rob is keeping busy at work and working hard. He's working 6 days a week right now in addition to Young Men responsibilities throughout the week and some weekends. It's a little hectic for the family (especially being a one car family right now) but we're grateful for his good job and his hard work and hoping that he'll get some more time off during the week so we can see him more!

I'm as busy as ever raising these busy little girls! But no complaints. I've enjoyed getting to know lots of new people and how friendly everyone has been so far. And the weather has been great (cold for a little bit, then warms up, then repeats). I have even attempted to be a little more crafty! I usually consider myself the most uncrafty person ever - but my friend Claire convinced me that I could make these felt topiary things. I followed the instructions that I found online and was happy with how they turned out. (And they were very cheap to make as well!) I even did another Valentine's project with buttons and was happy with it also. My fireplace mantle is all ready for Valentine's Day!

And I recently started up a Recipe Group for my friends here. I stole the idea from my college friend Natalie and had our first one last week. Basically each month has a theme, you bring a dish that goes along with that theme and the recipe for that dish. Then I type up all the recipes and e-mail them out the next day. Since you got to try it the night before - you know which recipes you'll like! We started this month with a dessert theme and it was tons of fun and yummy food. I'm already looking forward to next month!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Vancouver Visit

After Christmas, Rob had to head back to work in Colorado but I was able to stay a little bit longer. A few days after Christmas we loaded up a very full car and headed down to Vancouver, WA to visit with Uncle Dale, Aunt Kelley and cousin Tyler. We enjoyed playing with them, eating pizza, watching some football, eating chocolate, and Kelley's creative homemade Christmas presents for us.

Christmas 2010

Rob joined us in time for Christmas Eve festivities. We started the night with a cheese fondue, played some games, had a main course, played some games and went down to the O'Conner's house down the street for more games, came back and had a chocolate fondue. Yum! We finished the night by reading the Birth of Christ in the Bible and tried to get the kids to sleep (after leaving out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for the Reindeer).

And Santa did in fact come! Ellie was very excited on Christmas morning. She even slept in until 8:30 and then we dragged all the boys and Grandma and Grandpa out of bed so they could see her face when she saw what Santa had brought.

Eliza had a few requests from Santa - princess roller skates and a tambourine (not sure where that came from!). She must have been good since Santa brought her both! She was thrilled and wanted to try on the roller skates right away. Santa also brought her the Tinkerbell movie (although she has since told me that the second Tinkerbell movie is her favorite and not the one Santa brought her). Grandma and Grandpa gave her the Unicorn Pillow Pet that she has been begging me for and mom and dad gave her some new dress up clothes.

Chloe received some new baby dolls (her favorite) and a baby doll set from Santa. She was pretty happy and immediately started carrying around her new baby. She also got a new play drum that she was pretty excited about. For the most part Ellie helped her open her presents and was probably more excited about them than she was! Chloe just enjoyed all the excitement going on. And all the fruit and candy around...

We enjoyed watching everyone else open their presents and catching their funny expressions on camera. Rob's been enjoying his new night vision binoculars and I've become quite addicted to my Kindle (I never thought I would like it and I was really wrong!).

We followed up the morning events with a delicious breakfast with my dad's homemade quiche, bacon, and yummy cinnamon rolls. And then enjoyed playing with our new toys the rest of the day!