Sunday, March 20, 2011

St Patrick's Day & Disney on Ice

We started off our St Patrick's Day with a breakfast of green pancakes and green milk! And ended with a meal of corned beef sandwiches, green grapes, sugar snap peas, sour cream and onion chips, and pistachio pudding. And of course wore our green shirts all day!

On Friday, I took Ellie on a mommy daughter date to see Disney on Ice - Princess Classics. It was lots of fun! Eliza wore her Sleeping Beauty dress (this Halloween costume has gotten TONS of sue) and we took pictures before we left. We started off by going to get some ice cream at Baskin & Robbins and then headed to the World Arena. We had pretty good seats (at an angle) with no one sitting next to us. They had all the Disney princesses skate and Tinkerbell and Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Goofy on ice. I've always wanted to go to Disney on Ice so it was fun for me to take Ellie!

And then some random pictures of Chloe in her snow boots and Ellie deciding to put makeup on without permission!

Denver Zoo

On Tuesday morning, we had plans to take Trevor and Mitchell up to the Denver Airport so they could catch a plane home. My dad called me that morning and told me that Debbie's daughter had gone into labor almost a month early and that Debbie would flying in that evening to the Denver Airport (her daughter lives about 40 minutes away from me) and wondered if there was a way we could help Debbie get to the hospital. Since we were already going to be up in Denver and I didn't want to make two trips to the airport (the airport is over an hour away and through toll roads!)- we decided to kill some time between airport runs by checking out the Denver Zoo!

We loved the Denver Zoo (although I think I like the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs more!). The girls loved seeing the lions up super close, riding the little train, and just taking our time going through the zoo and stopping for snack breaks along the way. It was a little chilly when we arrived at the zoo but by the time we left it was close to 70 degrees.

After checking out the zoo we went to dinner at Panda Express before going to get Debbie from the airport and taking her to the hospital and heading home for the night.

Trevor & Mitchell Visit

Rob's older sister's boys Trevor and Mitchell were able to come out and visit during part of their spring break this last week. The girls enjoyed having their cousins around and Rob sure loved having the boys to play with!

The first day they were here Rob took them to play at Mr. Biggs and they did laser tag, bumper cars, go karts, video games, etc. Then we took them to our favorite pizza place Borriello Brothers for dinner. And Rob took them to see Battle: Los Angeles movie.

Sunday afternoon after church we took the boys to Garden of the Gods park to walk around. Minus the awesome tantrums that Chloe displayed - it was a nice afternoon for walking around.

On Monday we took the boys to the Air Force Academy and then spent the afternoon in Manitou Springs exploring the little shops and went to dinner out there.

Afternoon in Denver

After almost 6 months of living in Colorado, we finally made it up to Denver to spend an afternoon. A few weeks ago I won tickets to see the Imagination Movers (Disney show band) in concert. So Rob took the afternoon off of work and we headed up to see the show. It was actually really cute and fun! They started with the Choo Choo Soul group (also from the Disney Channel) and then the Imagination Movers came on. They were very interactive and encouraged kids and parents to get up in their seats and dance. Eliza LOVED it and even Chloe had fun for about the first hour. Then both kids seemed to lose interest so we bailed before the encore performance! But it was definitely fun.

Our nephews Trevor and Mitchell were flying in late that evening so we didn't want to drive all the way home after we were already in Denver so we decided to make a whole evening of being up there. We headed to Cafe Rio for dinner (yummy!) and then went to the Denver Aquarium.

It was Friday Family Night at the Downtown Denver Aquarium so they were open late, had a discounted rate for kids and had a few extra events going on. It's a good thing we used coupons because Chloe FLEW through the Aquarium! We didn't have a stroller with us and she was excited to be free and running around. So what we did see of the Aquarium was pretty cool! It is very well done and lots of different exhibits and areas designed just for kids. Next time we will definitely go back with a stroller (or maybe a kiddie leash for Chloe!). I couldn't get very many good pictures while helping chase Chloe or get her to pause for even a minute at this place.

It was a busy day and the kids fell asleep in the car while we waited for Trevor and Mitchell's plane to land late that night. But lots of fun!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

February 2011 Pictures

Random pictures from February 2011! My favorite is Eliza sleeping inside her tunnel with her head on the bean bag chair.

Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's day didn't go as I had planned but that's okay - there is always next year!

We made Valentine's cards the week before to mail to the Grandparents and Uncles.

We started off the day with a few small presents! I made Rob a Candy Gram poster since he is a little obsessed with candy. The girls each got some new books and a new pair of socks for the day.

We were able to have a Valentine's Day party with our playgroup that morning where we exchanged some Valentine's cards and made cute little Love Bugs out of cereal and candy.

Unfortunately our plans for the evening were foiled by Rob getting a kidney stone and learning were our local urgent care is located! Not the most romantic way to spend a holiday but that's life.

Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center

After months of working very long 6 day weeks - Rob finally got a day off of work! We decided to make it a fun family afternoon and use it to check out some new places in our city. I read about this place called Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center and they had a place called Little Bigg Town inside of it that was supposed to be for the 5 and under crowd. We figured we would check it out! It was a big success - fairly cheap and the girls loved it.

Inside of the Little Bigg Town they had a bounce house and a ton of different themed rooms from a music room, to a hair salon, a Wendy's restaurant, hospital, a sand pit inside of a cave, fire station, and even a pirate ship where you could shoot from the canons! Chloe basically ran from room to room without stopping (good thing it wasn't busy) while Eliza was perfectly happy playing in the pretend Wendy's and taking food orders.

And Rob was able to sneak away for some video games in a different part of the facility so he was happy too!

Excuse the pictures but the girls were having so much fun that I didn't get great pictures of this day!

Eliza Turns 4!!

Our Ellie Bellie turned four on February 15th! She has been looking forward to this birthday for a long time and couldn't wait to turn 4!

Rob and I surprised here with her own Jeep for her birthday - a Barbie Jeep that is! It is a used pink jeep but in great condition. (I'm pretty sure we were more excited about this present and the great deal we got on it than she was!) She spent most of her birthday playing in it (although Chloe is terrified of it). It's a fun little toy although we need the weather to STAY nice so she can play it in all the time. It's parked in the garage and driven only on warm days!

Grandma and Grandpa Bodine sent a Belle doll and princess bag and sunglasses and Grandpa Snow White and Grandma Debbie sent new dance apparel (tutu, tights, and leotard) for our budding ballerina and her dance class!

Miss Eliza requested donuts for her birthday breakfast so that is what we had! We followed that with meeting up for dad for lunch at Chick-fil-a (her favorite place to eat) and playing in the kids club. Then it was off to pick up some cupcakes and an afternoon at the park since it was a beautiful day in the high 60's on her birthday! After dinner we let her blow out a candle on a cupcake.

The day after her birthday was the Princess Birthday Party! I wasn't planning on doing a birthday party with friends this year but after moving to a new state, I changed my mind. Since Ellie has been planning this party for months - it had to happen! We invited a bunch of her little friends from the ward to the Royal Party and asked them to come in their best attire. I loved all the little girls in their princess dresses! I neglected to take a lot of pictures since I was busy running the party - but the kids made crowns, played pin the crown on the princess, freeze dance and then enjoyed cupcakes and snacks outside before opening presents. Eliza was very spoiled by her friends! And I think everyone had a good time. Just another reminder to me on how grateful I am for such wonderful friends in Colorado and for all of the new friends that my kids have made as well!