Sunday, May 15, 2011

April 2011 & Easter Fun

April turned out to be a really busy month for us! The best part about having Easter so late in the month is that we were able to fit in a lot of Easter related activities.

We started off by doing a fun Easter craft project of foam eggs. Eliza loved decorating these eggs and we attached magnets to the back of them so we could use them on the fridge all month long.

For a family night lesson on the Resurrection and the real meaning of the season - we made Resurrection rolls. It was a great way to explain things to our 4 year old! (Excuse the blurry pictures).

We met up with a bunch of friends from the ward and had a preschool Easter egg hunt. It was a little chaotic and not very warm this day but it was still fun. I was shocked that Chloe knew that she was supposed to put an egg in the basket even if she decided she was done after finding 3 eggs! Each of the kids was allowed to gather 10 eggs. Eliza decided that she wanted to "win" though and after I was done helping Chloe, I realized that Eliza had collected at least 30 eggs! So I had to re-hide a bunch of those for other kids. Other than that little fiasco - it was a good time for the kids.

We decorated Easter Eggs the night before Easter. We tried to let Chloe help with this project but she just wanted to bite into the egg - shell and all! So she ended up in bed pretty soon after we started.

And then of course the Easter Bunny managed to visit our house and bring the kids some presents and hide a bunch of Easter eggs! Eliza was excited to find the Rapunzel/Tangled dress in her basket and Chloe a little basketball hoop. Then the girls went on a hunt for all the eggs around the house. Ellie had so much fun on the egg hunt that she set up various egg hunts for the rest of us throughout the day.
I didn't get pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses yet because we woke up to SNOW on Easter morning and I had very spring dresses!

We had beautiful weather until the very last week of April so we spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. A few random pictures enjoying the backyard: