Sunday, June 05, 2011

May 2011 Fun Times

May was a very busy month with Mother's day, my 31st birthday, and of course the Memorial Day holiday all thrown into a few weeks! The weather in Colorado has finally decided to become summer and we had a chance to spend lots of time enjoying it this month.

My 31st Birthday was not very exciting (although I greatly appreciated all the Facebook messages, phone calls, and text messages). I've just decided that being on vacation is the best way to celebrate a birthday - otherwise it just seems like a pretty normal day! Dreaming up plans for next year already! The girls and I did some shopping my birthday morning and managed to hit up the Old Navy's half off clearance event minutes after it opened up. So we scored a lot of good deals for a great price! Then we headed to the local mall for a pretzel and Orange Julius before heading home for nap time. Rob had to work late but we enjoyed Coldstone cupcakes for my birthday and my family gave me a few presents (including the ice cream maker that I've been wanting and already used quite a few times since my birthday).

I started my small container garden at the end of the month. I was going to use the planters that were built into the backyard of this house but the soil wasn't deep enough and would have cost me too much to get to where I needed it to be - so I went with a really small attempt at a first garden. Just some bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Hopefully they actually grow in what I understand is a really hard place to grow things! Chloe is just enjoying playing in the dirt. She has a little corner that she will sit and dig in the dirt for hours in!

We spent some time on Memorial Day at the local park. It was extremely windy this day but the girls had fun.

And then we have my troublemaker Chloe. She keeps me on my toes! Trying to escape through the railings in the kitchen or getting into a whole tub of yogurt when I wasn't paying attention. Life is never dull around her!

We've started getting into the swing of summer with coloring projects, reading program at the library, finishing up ballet/tap class, and hopefully getting the girls into a gymnastics class this summer. Should be a fun one!