Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chloe's First Haircut

Just like her sister, Chloe did not get her first haircut until she was 22 months old. This time though - I didn't attempt to do the haircut myself. I asked Grandma Debbie to bring her hair cutting scissors with her and cut Chloe's hair while we were there. And one of my bestest friends ever Shanna - came over for a quick visit on Sunday (since she was in Utah for a month) and helped a little bit with the haircut. Chloe did really good with her first hair cut although there is not much we can do to help her hair - she has a funny cow lick in the front of her hair and her hair is just not growing fast! But it looks tons better than the mullet she was sporting before.

Park City - Alpine Slide & Swimming

After spending time at the Olympic Park, we spent a couple of hours at the swimming pool. My girls love to swim and it was great having so many helpers with them so I could actually read a book for a little while! The water was much too cold for my taste. But my little fish didn't seem to care.

After getting cleaned up from swimming, we headed over to the Park City Mountain Resort and all of us went on the Alpine Slide. Chloe refused to ride down with me (and really wasn't supposed to ride since she is not quite 2 yet) and would only go down with Jen's daughter Bre. She loves Bre! The chair lift to get to the slide was the worst part - I thought for sure Chloe was going to dive off. But we made it! And the Alpine Slide was definitely fun but not nearly as fast as I thought it would be. Maybe I just had a slow cart thing or something because I wasn't even hitting the brake and it seemed to take a while to get down! It was fun though and afterwards we headed back to the Condo for a lasagna dinner and hot tubbing. All my pictures of this are on my phone though so I will have to upload them later!