Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Bodine #3 - On His/Her Way!

We are excited to announce that we are expecting baby #3 at the beginning of May sometime! I'm about 12 weeks along and like the others - I have been sicker than sick! I started throwing up at 5 weeks - so it's been a long 7 weeks so far. I'm hopeful that this baby will be nicer to me and not make me sick too much longer than the first trimester! I've had a lot of people in my ward bringing meals which has been a huge help since I can't even cook right now and Rob's work schedule doesn't allow him to get home until past the girl's bedtime.

I have had quite a few ultrasounds so far with this baby and it's been fun to see how much he/she has grown in a short amount of time. My new doctor here in Colorado has been really proactive with my extreme sickness and I've been going in every 2 weeks to make sure that I'm not losing too much weight or dehydrated. I finally put on a few pounds in the last few weeks so I get to go to monthly appointments again. And have 8 weeks until the next ultrasound (the big gender reveal!)

The ultrasound tech today had a big guess on what she thinks the gender of our baby is - but I'm going to wait until my 20 week ultrasound right around Christmas before I am convinced! Rob thinks we are having all girls. And I haven't had any thoughts on this baby (the other two I knew they were girls) but would be happy with a 3rd girl (since we already have everything and I know what I'm doing) and would be happy with a boy as well. Contrary to what many people think after 2 girls - we are still not TRYING for a boy! Eliza would love another sister but I'm pretty sure she is just excited to have another baby in the house and loves asking me about the baby and how big it is. Chloe doesn't really get it obviously! Just knows that Mommy has been sick a lot and is very concerned whenever I throw up.

Someday I will catch up on the rest of my blogging as well - but this might explain why I'm so behind on life! And if you come over - why my house is so dirty!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The North Pole AKA Santa's Workshop

Back in August, our friend's Heather and her two boys Sam (Eliza's friend) and her older son Jack invited us to join them at the North Pole on Pike's Peak. It's a family themed amusement park based around Santa and his elves. Santa is actually there in a little house and they have tons of rides, a place where you can feed some reindeer and other animals, train ride, etc. I had heard good places about this amusement park but everyone told us about it in the winter and I don't like the idea of going when it is freezing cold (although it is open from May until the end of December - snow or shine!). We ended up having a blast! There was hardly any lines since most kids were back in school (Jack had the day off) and we were able to walk onto almost all of the rides without a wait. Eliza could ride almost all of the rides although a few of them I did need to go with her and so Heather was able to help with Chloe.

The first major hit was the Candy Cane slide - you walked to the top of this tower and slide down on sacks. It was really fast (I got a burn on my arm from trying to hold onto Chloe) but fun!

We went on the world's highest Ferris Wheel (since it's on the side of Pike's Peak - we were really high in elevation). And rode a train and the kids went on tons of little kiddie rides.

And on this swinging ride that the kids loved but made Heather and I want to throw up the rest of the day!

The kids got to touch the North Pole (it's freezing!) And sit in Santa's sleigh.

We had a picnic lunch and watched a magician show and then a few last rides before it started sprinkling!

The kids could go into Santa's little house and meet him but my girls wouldn't cooperate for a picture (even though I think it was the sweetest Santa I have ever met!)

It was a really fun day! And I took a lot of BLURRY pictures since the rides were hard to capture.