Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Pictures from October and November

Since I want to get all caught up on my blogging, here are just some random pictures of the girls over the last month:

First Snow Day in Fall 2011

We've already had snow twice so far and it's not even quite the middle of November! It first snowed on October 8th but it didn't stick around long and I was up in Denver with some friends for Time Out for Women so didn't get to see it with my girls. The second snow day we got a TON of snow and it was perfect for playing in (or rather for the girls to play in and for me to watch!). Eliza could stay and play in the snow for hours! She loves making snow angels and being creative with the snow. Chloe is fine for 5 minutes and then she is done. It seems like we will have a lot more opportunities to have fun in the snow this year!

Halloween 2011

Halloween this year seemed to drag on FOREVER! We started with trunk or treat/carnival/chili cook off with the Ward on Friday night, then two different Halloween parties hosted by friends on Saturday, then trick or treating and handing out candy in the neighborhood on Monday, and then Eliza's preschool Halloween parade and party on Tuesday!

At the beginning of September, I was trying to figure out what costumes to do for the girls. I knew that I was going to start getting sick and I wanted to be prepared. We were at this children's consignment store Once Upon a Child when Ellie found this chicken costume in her size and forgot all about being a princess again. She wanted to be a chicken! So when I saw the Carter's cow costume at Costco - I picked it up for Chloe. No changing their minds this year! (Although they did dress up as Alice in Wonderland and Minnie Mouse for one of the Halloween parties).

Halloween really shows my kids personalities! Chloe couldn't wait to dig into her candy and had it all eaten (or as much as she could eat) within an hour of getting a hold of it. Meanwhile her sister Eliza was content with a few pieces at a time. Needless to say Chloe was done with her candy quick and Eliza is STILL sharing her candy with her sister each day. And thankfully I have no temptation to eat their candy this year! It's nice that it doesn't really appeal to me!

October Misc. Pictures

One day I was feeling guilty for all the laying on the couch and trying not to move that I had been doing, so I pulled out these Halloween candy necklaces that I bought last year on clearance to make with the girls. Ellie loved it but Chloe just wanted to eat the candy (typical!).

The girls LOVE to dress up (especially Liza). Almost any day of the year you can find my firstborn wearing something from our extensive dress up collection! When I was visiting teaching - the lady I visit gave us this dog costume that her kids had outgrown. It is now a favorite in the dress up box! And then my dad and stepmom sent this outfit for Chloe.

Old Colorado City Pumpkin Festival

The day after Chloe's birthday - we decided to do a family activity and went to the Old Colorado City Pumpkin Festival. People bring in gigantic pumpkins for a weight contest and then throughout the shops they have different scarecrows displayed for another contest. It was nice to be outside and together and thankfully it was a short and free activity!

(Just so you know - trying to get a picture where both my girls are looking and smiling at the camera is near impossible!)

Eliza's First Preschool Field Trip- Fountain Creek Nature Center

At the beginning of October - Eliza had her first preschool field trip. We went out to the Fountain Creek Nature Center (south of Colorado Springs). They did a little puppet show and then split into groups for a walking tour. I made the mistake of taking Chloe and was still really nauseated so I spent most of my time running around chasing after her but Eliza seemed to have fun! And all I have are phone pics of the field trip since I knew I wouldn't be able to take my heavy camera and chase a 2 year old around!

Chloe Turns 2!

On October 14th, we celebrated Chloe's 2nd birthday! I was so grateful that I had bought her presents via Craigslist at the end of August because I was in no condition to shop or do much of anything for her birthday.

We started off the day with class at Soccer Buddies and then headed to Chick-fil-a for a take out lunch and a quick stop at the dollar store for birthday balloons. Eliza helped me decorate a little bit and we hung around the house in the afternoon since I couldn't do anything else. When Rob got home we did the cake and ice cream and presents part.

Chloe was spoiled with a new baby doll from Grandma and Grandpa Bodine, an adorable Minnie Mouse dress up outfit from Grandpa Snow White and Grandma Debbie, and we gave her a bunch of doll accessories (doll high chairs, doll beds, stroller, and the Dance Star Mickey). Chloe LOVES her dolls and playing with them and taking care of them (which is not something her sister was really into) and so she has been in heaven.

It's hard for me to believe that my "baby" is already 2! She definitely keeps me on my toes and is always busy, busy, busy. There is not a dull moment when she is around! She loves to tell me "bless you mommy" after I sneeze, is very concerned with my throwing up and the baby in my tummy, can count to 13, loves to watch the "Bubble Guppies" tv show, hates sitting through Sacrament Meeting, loves/adores her older sister, loves dogs of all shapes, colors and sizes, and still continues to be a GREAT sleeper (might have to do with the fact that she still gets her binkies at bedtime but either way - I love it). She loves eating and is obsessed with candy (figures that she is an October birthday and so close to Halloween candy!)

She definitely has the stubborn gene from both of her parents so she can throw quite a tantrum but we love her and her fun personality that keeps us guessing what she will do next!

Happy Birthday Chloe Tenae!

September Happenings

September was a busy month! I started off the month by doing a race that I trained for all summer long with some friends. My friends Julie, Katie, Kellie and I participated in the American Discovery Trail Marathon Relay. This is my kind of relay! Basically we ran a full marathon but split up among the four of us. It was my first race that I've run in Colorado and the elevation is no joke but it went well and I'm excited to do some more races next summer and hopefully do this one again! I had the last leg of the race and only had 4.2 miles to run but the other girls on my team had been kicking butt and I knew I had to do well to finish us off strong. Even though I got sick about a mile into my run - I still managed to finish my portion in 38:39! Our girls team finished in 4:01 and we took 3rd place in the Women's Relay. I only got this one picture and it's not a great one because I'm on the phone with Rob (who never made it to the finish line with the girls because we ran too fast!) and I had just finished running! I was all excited to sign up for more races this fall but then pregnancy sickness set in so running was out of the question but next year for sure!

After the race, Eliza started preschool and then Soccer Buddies. I started getting REALLY sick with this new baby and tried to get out of everything I could but let's face it - I'm still the mom of two busy kids!

We did celebrate Rob's birthday in September: (Doesn't he look THRILLED?!)

Chloe got really sick and our breathing machine broke which required us borrowing stuff from friend's in the ward and then heading to more doctor's to get new equipment:

And I kept busy just trying to stay alive in September. I spent a lot of time on the couch and in the bathroom and my house looked like a tornado hit it every single day. I also was at the OB's office almost every week because my doctor was really concerned about my weight gain and being dehydrated with my severe nausea. So I don't remember what else happened in September and didn't really take a lot of pictures of anything in that condition.

I did start a new local website for events going on around Colorado Springs and slowly but surely will improve on it as I feel better! As a result of that website we did attend the Piccadilly Circus at the end of September and the kids loved it.

Head Wound & Staples

Right after school started in September, Eliza started this Soccer Buddies program. I was just starting to get really sick with this pregnancy and figured that Chloe and I would just sit in the bleachers and watch Eliza's practice each Friday morning. Well, I should have known better than to trust my child to sit still! Towards the end of the second practice, Chloe and I were sitting on the bottom row of the metal bleachers and she fell backwards. I didn't think anything of it at first because I thought she just hit the next row of the bleachers but when I picked her up, she had blood gushing from the back of her head. None of the moms around me did anything or offered to help so I quickly picked up Chloe and went to the front of the facility. The wife of the owner of the facility came to my rescue with some bandages but we both looked at it and realized that she had cut it bad enough to require some medical attention. I wasn't feeling good at all and Eliza's class was just ending so I grabbed her and we headed to Urgent Care. The bleeding had stopped by the time we arrived (luckily she hit right against a bone in the back of her head so it didn't bleed as much as it could have) and after an hour - Chloe was being held down by a doctor, physician's assistant and myself for 3 staples in the back of her head. Poor baby! Of course this didn't phase her one bit and she didn't slow down at all. I'm actually surprised this is the first time Chloe has done something like that! And you better believe that I signed up Chloe the next week for the mom/toddler soccer class that was going on at the same time as her sisters. Although she is still crazy - it is much easier to keep her contained!

Eliza's First Day of Preschool

Eliza started preschool the first day after Labor Day in September. She was so excited to be going to school! She dressed herself and requested the pigtails and bows herself. Eliza is going to a local Christian preschool 2 mornings a week and it's been wonderful! She loves it and I love that she isn't gone too long - she is such a good helper at home that we miss her when she is away and Chloe is thrilled each day when we go and pick her up. I already know Kindergarten will be hard on ALL of us!