Sunday, February 19, 2012

28 Weeks Down & Ultrasound Pictures

* I need to scan the ultrasound pictures in still but this is for my benefit so I know I need to do it!

I have passed the 28 week mark of this pregnancy and am officially in the last trimester of this pregnancy! So crazy to think that in less than 3 months, we will be welcoming a little boy to this predominately female family.   I am FAR from ready but will slowly start checking items off the list!  We're kind of starting over in a lot of ways since we got rid of tons of baby stuff when we moved and then most of our stuff is girl centered.  I will be ordering a new cover for the car seat this week (our old one is pink and brown!) and then start working on getting the small clothes that we need to start off.  My amazing friend Amy sent me a ton of adorable boy clothes - but most of them in the past 3 month range so I still need to get the newborn basics to bring him home in.

I am feeling decent although I still have really low blood pressure which makes me almost pass out if I'm not careful.  I have been dealing with nausea and heartburn at night but both are just good reasons for me to go to sleep at night and not stay up late!  I've started going back to the gym (when we are healthy in our house) and am slowly working on the baby boy's bedroom and those things to keep myself busy and distracted.  The elevation has been a lot harder on my body and I'm a lot more tired again in this last trimester.  But hard to get too much of a break when there are two little girls that need help and a house that needs to get cleaned!

I had my 28 week appointment last week and then a couple of days later had a 3D ultrasound.  The 3D/4D ultrasound is just something my doctor's office does for fun and it was pretty amazing to see little A!  Of course he decided to spend the entire time sleeping and wouldn't turn his face.  He has a cute profile though and it'll be a big surprise to see what he really looks like when he comes out.  We were able to see the hair line so I'm curious if my boy will come out with a full head of hair - unlike my girls who didn't have much.  We could see his little hands and that he was curled up with his legs tucked under and looked quite content inside there.  His head is SUPER low which explains why I feel like I have to pee all the time.  And he hasn't been kicking my ribs too much yet so I'm grateful for that part! Although I know that could change in the next few weeks as he continues to get bigger.  

Eliza Turns 5!

On February 15th, Eliza Colleen turned 5!  This year was a non-friend party but we still managed to have lots of fun just with the family.  Thank you to all the family and friends who helped to spoil my firstborn.

We started the day off by going to pick out some donuts at Dunkin Donuts.  Eliza picked out all the donuts and then we headed home to share them with Daddy and Chloe.  We opened a few presents from her bff Brooklyn and Grandma and Grandpa Bodine to get in the birthday spirit.

After getting dressed, we headed out to the Dollar Tree so the girls could each pick out a helium balloon (a highlight) and then went to the grocery store to pick out stuff for preschool birthday snack the next day. And we opened up a few more presents from Aunt Kelley & Uncle Dale, Eliza's friend Sam, and Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Snow White. Following that - we headed to Chick-fil-a for a birthday lunch and playing on the toys and ice cream.

We ended up having Pei Wei for dinner and then waited anxiously for Dad to get home so we could have ice cream cake and open the rest of the presents. Ellie chose and ice cream cake this year and we made it together in the few days before her birthday. It was REALLY good but a little too big. Next time we'll make it half the size....

Chloe thought the ice cream cake was worthy of licking the plate clean....

I still can't believe my "baby" is 5!  She is such a joy to have in our house and a great big sister and I couldn't ask for a better child to come into our family first.

Sharing a Room

In anticipation of the new baby boy that will be arriving in less than 3 months, it was time to move the girls into the same room. (We have 3 bedrooms and one bedroom in the basement and I would rather have my girls share a room then have one so far away!) One of Eliza's birthday presents was a twin bed (yes, she has been sleeping in a toddler bed for YEARS). I still need to paint and finish the bed frame (from Ikea) but she is pretty happy with her new and bigger bed. It's been an up and down week since the girls started sharing a room - some nights they have been up for 2 hours past their bedtime, other times they are asleep within a half hour. One wants to sleep with a light on and the other one doesn't. One little girl wants to talk to and and the other one just wants to play the iPod touch. You know the drill! I'm hoping that we started this plan early enough that it will just get easier from here on out. But overall, they seem to like sharing a room and sleep through the night once they finally get to sleep.

Last night I checked on them to find them sharing a bed! Pretty darn cute.

Eventually I will get around to decorating their room (although we're not allowed to paint our rental) and get them matching bed but for now - it's working.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We started off our Valentine's day preparations by having heart shaped pancakes the night before.  The kids weren't too sure about this one but I knew that I didn't have time to make them breakfast the next morning.

After they went to sleep I heart attacked their bedroom door and got a few little presents ready to give to them in the morning.   I had an OB check up bright and early in the morning so it made it a little crazy!  Eliza's preschool class had a party where they decorated shoe boxes and exchanged Valentine's and had a little party.  She loved it!

We did an afternoon craft project during Chloe's nap and then picked up a Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza for dinner that night.   A day full of fun and since Eliza's birthday was the day after - another full day of fun to follow!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Denver Children's Museum & Grandma Debbie Visit

Back in January, Grandma Debbie was able to make a quick visit after a little reunion north of us with her sister and her daughter.  We had fun playing at a park the first day with her daughter Lindsey and her two kids and followed that with a dinner at Chick-fil-a.  Then the next day we decided to try out the Denver Children's Museum.  It's been on my list of things to do for a long time but I wanted a second adult with me!  Since Rob's work schedule hasn't allowed him to join us, it was a great thing to do with Grandma Debbie.

We loved the Denver Children's Museum!  I only wish it was closer to us so we could go more often.  The kids loved playing in the bubble room, doing painting projects, dressing up and playing with puppets, pretend grocery shopping and cooking, and putting together puzzles.

We finished off the night by hitting up Smashburger (our favorite burger joint) and then taking Grandma Debbie to the airport. The girls were asleep within 5 minutes after dropping Grandma off!