Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eliza's Friend Birthday Party

This year was a friend party year (we do friend parties every other year) and Eliza opted for a Fairy Tea Party theme.  There is a place near our home called the Toy Station and they have amazing themed birthday packages!  It worked out perfectly for my stress level to outsource the party to this venue.  She was able to invite 12 of her girlfriends (she is SO lucky to have so many wonderful friends her age in this city!) and all I had to do was send out the invitations and bring the birthday cake. I didn't even have to clean up afterwards!  Definitely my kind of friend birthday party!

They had the room set up for the fairy tea party, the girls were able to put on fairy wings as they arrived to the party, and then fairy games were played with the help of the party hostess.  After the games, the girls sat down to enjoy their tea time (lemonade) and the birthday cake.

After the cake it was time for birthday presents.  I loved how they decided to open the presents!  They put all the girls names on one of those spinning prize wheels.  Then Eliza spun it to see which present she would open next.  The names were erased after they were picked and it gave her time to open and enjoy each present without kids shoving presents in her face to open next.  And she was completely SPOILED by all of her friends!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Eliza is 6!

Eliza turned 6 on February 15th, 2013.  Her actual birthday fell on a Friday this year which she always had off (Kindergarten students at her school only went to school Monday through Friday).  We started the day off by going to get donuts.  Later that afternoon we tried out a place called Monkey Bizness where they had a lot of climbing and play structures for the kids to enjoy as well as an arts and craft room.  We followed it off with a quick dinner and then family presents and ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone.

Eliza is really the best child I could have asked for with my oldest!  She is very kind, loving, helpful, and generally wants to make others happy. She puts up with her little sister who wants to be involved in everything and has a special relationship with her baby brother who lights up whenever she comes home or he sees her!

She really wanted a grown up scooter for her birthday so we obliged her with a brand new helmet for safety and Dad painted the scooter pink!  She got a couple other presents from us and Grandmas and Grandpas (doctor kit and a Wii Dance Disney game) but the real fun was the next day with her FRIEND party....

Monday, February 04, 2013

Asher is 9 months old!

Asher turned 9 months old on February 4, 2013.  You can tell how busy he is by how hard it was to get him to sit still for a single picture.