Monday, April 29, 2013

Broken Car and Visitors

Rob headed off to work in Des Moines, Iowa for the summer at the end of April.  He was burnt out of the field of college admissions and decided to try working for our friend's company called Now Communications.  They sell DirecTV and Rob was going to run one of their sales offices.  Well, just a few days after he left for the summer - I went to church and then couldn't get my car to start again.  Not so good!  It was a little funny since Elder's Quorum was no where to be found but I had a lot of help from Relief Society sisters.  One of my dear friends in the ward (Susan Olsen) who I worked with in Nursery a few years back offered to load all of us up in our truck and take us back to her house.  Then she would send her husband back with me to see if he could help me get it started again.  So off we went and my kids were able to be fed and taken care of with Susan (she has a granddaughter born the same day as Chloe and they are two peas in a pod!).  Her husband Carl knows quite a bit about cars and decided that my fuel pump was not working.  We got it towed back to my house until we could figure out what to do with it!  Should have gotten it towed straight to the repair shop but that happened the next day.

Other friends helped me out the next day in getting Eliza to and from school and then my Father in Law decided to come in and help us out.  And my brother Trent arrived on his way to moving out to Washington DC!  It was a fun filled week.  We got my car in for the expensive repairs and used Trent's car and Grandpa's rental car to make it through. And Grandpa treated us to dinner out a few times and not cooking or cleaning up is a sure fire way to make me happy!   Little trials like this make you really grateful for friends and family who are so willing to help out when you need it!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove

It may seem like we are always at Disney on Ice and you would be partly right!  We have gone a ton and I have only paid for tickets one time for our family.  The other times I have been fortunate enough to receive press passes due to a local blog/newsletter/website that I run.  In April, we were offered amazing seats to see Disney on Ice up in Denver thanks to a marketing campaign that I had helped with.  Since Rob was going to be leaving to travel for most of the summer soon, we decided to take the whole family on a school night for a last hurrah before he had to leave.  I despise driving to downtown Denver and this day was no exception... it was a mess.  We ran out of time to grab food ahead of time and ended up having to spend $35 on Arby's inside the arena (and that was just for 2 drinks and 4 roast beef sandwiches!).  So not such a free night!

Totally worth it for how much fun it was though!  This was probably my favorite of the Disney on Ice shows that we had seen.  Lots of Tangled acts which made my girls happy.  They even ended with the lantern scene!  Amazing!  And the seats were fantastic, on the end of a row, Asher was great, and Chloe even stayed in her chair the whole time (if you know Chloe - this is a rarity).  I'm so glad we went - even if it was a long drive there and back!  And I forgot my good camera so you get low quality iPhone pictures!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fun Days at the Park

I love when we have the chance to just randomly go to the park and enjoy the sunshine!Eliza did not have school on Fridays in Kindergarten so we tried to make it a Friday Fun Day and would try out new parks as the weather permitted.  Playing at the park and going to get slushes was always the plan on the sunny days!  These are my favorite days of being a mom!   (Notice that Chloe is ALWAYS in these tutu dresses and most of them are usually falling apart!  I am constantly buying new ones and trying to stick the old ones in the trash and she will pull them out.  Such a fun battle with this kid and her wardrobe!)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eliza's Field Trip

Eliza had a field trip to a local children's playhouse in April and I was actually able to go along since Rob was home from work that day.  It was so fun to spend time with Eliza and see her in her element at school!  I do not get many chances to be in her classroom with her little siblings to care for so I was so glad that I could attend with her.  She has some pretty great kids in her class and I was in charge of a little group of 3 kids. I am pretty sure the highlight was riding a bus.  Since it's a charter school - they do not have any buses that go to the school.  So the kids look forward to the field trips where they get to ride on a school bus (without seat belts!). We went and saw a "Charlie Brown" musical which was a little different!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Asher's 1st Birthday Party - Take 1

While we were in Utah for Kevin and Madi's wedding, we took the chance to have a little birthday party celebration for Asher.  His birthday was not for another 3 weeks but since we were all together - it worked out the best.  Especially since Dad was not going to be home for Asher's big day anyway!

The celebrations were quite simple - he got a few presents, ate some cake that we had leftover from the wedding luncheon, and called it good!  Being the 3rd kid - it was not his first exposure to sugar so he knew what to do with the cake.

Grandma & Grandpa gave him a Thomas the Train ride on car that was very popular since it allows him to ride on it, push it, makes noise, and even has a place to hide things inside.  Then he got his first race car set from the Uncles, and a giant blue bouncy ball from the girls.   (And we believe in wearing clothes only when necessary!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kevin & Madi's Wedding

My baby brother Kevin got married on April 12th, 2013 in the Logan temple. My kids are soo excited to have a wonderful new aunt on my side of the family and I think Kevin lucked out with an amazing bride.  Not to mention gorgeous too!

 We drove out to Utah a couple of days before hand and stayed at my grandpa's house in Layton during our time there.  The day before the wedding, we went and helped out with setting up for the luncheon.  Bright and early on Friday morning, we got up and ready and headed out to the wedding.  It was a gorgeous sunny day but definitely on the cool side - as you can see by how not happy my kids were for many of the pictures at the temple!  Madi looked absolutely stunning and Kevin didn't look too bad himself.

 The temple sealing was followed by pictures and then a great luncheon.  We had a few hours in between the luncheon and the wedding reception so we went to hang out at the Lester's (family friends that used to live in University Place) and played at the park with the kids.  Then we all got ready again for family pictures at the wedding reception.  The wedding reception was beautiful and we had a good time visiting with family and friends that we haven't seen in a while!  We had to leave before the couple did since my kids had hit their limit.