Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chloe's Halloween Themed Birthday Party

We only do "friend" birthday parties every other year in our house and this year was Chloe's first year to have a friend party.  While I much prefer not hosting a party at my house and would rather pay to have it done at a different place, this year that was not an option.  So, I convinced Chloe that we should have a Halloween themed party (mainly because I had everything on hand to pull it off!).  We invited her friends from preschool, from Sunbeams class at church, and then our neighbor Avery (who is kind enough to let Chloe tag along when her and Eliza are playing).  It was a costume party and Chloe opted to be a fairy this year and designed her own costume (love how easy she made it on me!).

The party started out by making a pumpkin craft (foam pumpkins with foam stickers) while the kids were arriving.  Then we moved into the game section.  I had 8 games planned and the kids FLEW threw them!  We played things like "ghost, ghost, boo", drop the clothespin into the coffin, candy corn relay, making a spider web out of yarn, etc.  We also did a parade around the house in their costumes. Granted they were 3-4 year old kids so the concept of playing games didn't pan out as well as I planned!

Next we moved on to a little lunch.  We had mummy hot dogs, apples and vanilla wafers with pumpkin fluff dip, ghost bananas, and pumpkin oranges to eat.  Lunch was eaten on a Halloween themed table cloth in our family room.

After our lunch, we did the presents while Dad ran off to get some matches to light the candles on the birthday cake.  Chloe was spoiled by her friends with lots of fun things like a Tinkerbell music box, a stuffed animal Pinkie Pie, craft items, dress up, and doctor kit.  

We ended the party with cake and ice cream after singing to Chloe.  The cake still makes me laugh but it was exactly what Chloe wanted!  She asked for a pink pumpkin cake with My Little Pony's on it.  She was thrilled and I am just hoping I can get better at these theme cakes or we are going to have to start spending money on buying a cake each year.  


Chloe's 4th Birthday!

We were lucky enough to have Dad home with us for a few days that happened to fall on Fall Break and Chloe's birthday!  We decorated the night before and made her a balloon door so that when she opened the bedroom door in the morning - the balloons all came falling out on her. The birthday girl's big day started off with a trip to Dunkin Donuts and followed with opening the presents from Mom & Dad, Asher, and Eliza.  We did a candle in a donut and sang to her first thing so that she could open her presents!  She is still on a My Little Pony kick so her presents were a Twilight Sparkle remote control car, a My Little Pony microphone, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders (again from My Little Pony).   Grandma and Grandpa Bodine gave her some clothes and a few of the tiny My Little Pony figures and Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Snow White helped with giving her Princess Cadence and some dress up clothes and a board game.

After playing with the new toys all morning, we grabbed some snacks and food for lunch and headed off to Denver to go to the Denver Zoo.  It was a little on the chilly side and it seemed like many of the animals were just no where to be seen.... but it was still a fun family time.

Conveniently, Cafe Rio was right down the street from the Denver Zoo which made the perfect stop for birthday dinner and then into Denver traffic to head home.  

Chloe's 20 Birthday Questions

1. What is your favorite color? Pink
2. What is your favorite toy? Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)
3. What is your favorite fruit? Apples
4. What is your favorite tv show? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
5. What is your favorite movie? Tangled
6. What is your favorite thing to wear? Tutu dresses
7. What is your favorite animal?  Giraffe
8. What is your favorite song?  Wishing On a Star (Polar Express)
9. What is your favorite book?  5 Little Pumpkins
10. Who is your best friend? Rosie
11. What is your favorite snack?  String Cheese
12. What is your favorite drink?  Lemonade
13. What is your favorite breakfast? French Toast
14. What is your favorite lunch?  Sandwich & Dip
15. What is your favorite dinner?  Noodles
16. What is your favorite game? My Little Pony
17. What is your favorite thing to play outside? Monsters/Trampoline & Swing
18. What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas
19. What do you sleep with at night? pink blanket, Pinkie Pie, Gloworm, Dream Light
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A cooker