Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get Air Kaysville - Thanksgiving 2013

Around the time we went to Utah for Thanksgiving, the jump/air parks were becoming pretty popular in Utah. We took advantage of it and headed over for a fun afternoon of jumping. My kids enjoyed being thrown in the foam pits the most. Asher loved and hated the jump park!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

For Thanksgiving 2013, we made the trek from Colorado to Utah. We spent a couple days at my dad's house in Provo, went to Misti's house for Thanksgiving dinner (and brought Grandpa Robins with us), and then stayed with Grandpa Robins for a few days before heading back home.

We are lucky that our kids are great travelers in the car! We left early in the morning and made it to Grand Junction, CO before stopping for lunch and stretching at Cafe Rio. Asher did have a blow out which required a quick run into Kohl's for a new outfit (since all of my spares were not in an easy to reach place) but the rest of the trip was uneventful until about 45 miles away from Spanish Fork where we all of a sudden hit a snow storm. We were happy to get to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Provo safely and be out of the car.

My kids love the animals at the back of my grandparents house in Layton.

The day after Thanksgiving we spent in downtown Salt Lake where we were around for the lighting of the Christmas lights at Temple Square. Pretty much a mad house but the lights are gorgeous! We also went to the Grand America and did their scavenger hunt of their window displays with Misti and some of her kids. We rode Trax from Grand America to Temple Square which was quite an adventure.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Egyptian Day

Eliza's charter school does not do Halloween celebrations of any kind - but they do let kids dress up on certain theme days throughout the year.  Last Friday it was Egyptian day!  I was pretty excited about this one since I loved the time I spent in Egypt.  I even dug up my old pictures from my time there and showed them to Eliza (I don't think she was as excited!).  I thought I would be able to find an Egyptian costume on clearance after Halloween but that didn't happen.  So we had to improvise!  I took a large piece of fabric and belted it and then let Eliza borrow my red scarf that I got when I was in Egypt.  She looked more like a Bedouin than Egyptian royalty but it's all good - I spent less than $5 on her "costume" and all the girls loved her red scarf.  (And let's be honest - as long as her friends thought it was cool, I was off the hook for her lame costume!)

Since Rob happened to be home and had a flight later in the day, I was able to help in the classroom that day.  The kids went to different classrooms in the 1st grade to do different projects like making a pyramid, writing their name in hieroglyphics, making papyrus, and eating Egyptian food.  It was pretty fun although you might not be able to tell by my daughter who didn't want to cooperate for pictures!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is one of the holidays that seems to drag on forever!  I love watching my kids dress up but I don't like all the candy (Okay I really do like eating it but not how sick I get afterwards!).  Our ward had their annual Fall Festival the Friday before Halloween.  It is usually a largely attended event that has a chili and brownie bake off, carnival type games for the kids to do, and then ends with a small trunk or treat event.  Rob was still traveling a lot but we were lucky enough to meet up with some of our favorite friends in the ward (the Savages) and join them for most of the night.  For that night, I had a Snow White, a puppy, and a Barbie Cheerleader:

The next week Chloe had preschool on the day of Halloween so she was able to dress up.  She chose to go as Princess Chloe while wearing a Rapunzel dress and Cinderella crown.

And then on Halloween night, Chloe changed into a Butterfly Princess while Eliza stayed the Barbie Cheerleader and Asher as the puppy.  I am not sure why I didn't think to have them stand up together for a picture but hey - at least they are all in the same picture and mostly looking in the right direction:

Halloween night we first went to the mall for trick or treating along with it seemed every preschool age child!  It was a little too crowded so we just did one level of the mall and then left.  Rob stayed home with Asher to hand out candy and I took the girls down one side of the street.  They had completely filled buckets at this time so it was time to head home!  I spaced on taking the classic picture with the candy after trick-or-treating.  Next year for sure!