Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summer in Utah Update!

I know I have MONTHS to catch up on but I'm going to try and be better about posting at least weekly and then go back and catch up.  I avoid blogging because it is such a pain for me to find my camera cord or upload pictures so I'm working on finding a solution to that problem. Any ideas? Sadly - most of my pictures these days are taken on the iPad or my really old iPhone 4 so they aren't the greatest quality.

We've been in Utah for over 2 months now (more on that later) and are trying to get settled in. I'm sure glad we moved here in the summer time because I LOVE Utah summers! I'm not looking forward to the winter because I know they are nothing like Colorado winters. For now we'll just enjoy the summer.

I've been working on getting settled and organized in the house and it's SLOWLY coming together. We got rid of a lot of furniture before we moved over here because most of it was falling apart anyway and they were just not things I loved. This means that we've been replacing items little by little!  We got a great table and chairs set off of KSL.com that I want to paint but they were perfect for the space and in excellent condition. We bought gray couches from RC Willey a couple weeks ago that I love but are almost too big for our really NARROW family room. I've been redoing the playroom with the help of Ikea that is less than 15 minutes away. And we just bought bunk beds for the girl's bedroom.

Most of the paint colors in the house are decent but Asher's room was done in this ugly green on the bottom, a chair rail, and then a light blue on top. I'm painting the bottom a navy blue since it will fit with his existing decor better. Unfortunately, I've been taping for 3 days and still am not done with this important prep stage. The joys of being a mom! I'll post before and after pics if I ever finish this project.

Rob has really enjoyed his new job out here as the Director of Admissions for all the AmeriTech College campuses. It keeps him busy but we like that we get to see him almost every day for lunch since his commute is short and that he is not traveling anymore and comes home at a decent hour. All of these factors are pretty much a first in our marriage!

We live on a very quiet cul-de-sac but there are tons of kids in the neighborhood and so it's been great for the kids. And there is a park less than 50 yards from our house that we love to visit.

Chloe is in a ballet/jazz dance class this summer at the Lehi Legacy Center and Eliza is trying out gymnastics at the local gymnastics facility near our house. The girls both start swimming lessons in American Fork this week and love it! We might sign up for another session if they keep this up. Asher wants NOTHING to do with the water which makes it so much easier for me!

Passes were purchased soon after we moved here to Thanksgiving Point and we love living within minutes of all of these fun museums and events.

Every week we have been meeting friends at some of the local splash pads and I'm loving being in Utah and reconnecting with so many people!

Pictures will be coming eventually but here is a start!

Oh and funny thing that Chloe said today - she wanted to know if the policeman was going to take someone to the dungeon.  Later today, she decided to try her hand at shoplifting and I think we scared her silly on never wanting to go to the dungeon!