Sunday, November 08, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a little more low key this year with a newborn that I wasn't quite ready to take out in public yet. But I felt a little guilty for not doing as many fun things with Ellie as we would normally do in the month of October - so the Friday before Halloween we had our friends Amy and Brooklyn (and baby Karalynn) over to decorate cookies. The girls had a great time putting as many sprinkles as they could on a cookie (even without frosting) and licking the frosting. It was quite the mess but they had fun and it made me grateful that I had easy to clean tile floors! Ellie's best friend Brooklyn holding Chloe
Ellie and Brooklyn
Ellie and Chloe
Ellie already sick of pictures Decorating Cookies
Showing off the hand covered in sprinkles
My little pumpkin Chloe

Saturday was Halloween and Ellie was really excited to dress up in her costume. When I asked her what she wanted to be she kept on saying she wanted to be pink (her favorite color). So I went with a pink fairy theme with wings and pink tutu and flower on her head. She loved wearing it and I think the tutu will keep on being used for dress up so it worked. We did have a slight costume mishap... I had ordered a costume for Chloe on at the beginning of October but it never arrived (complaint is in process on that one) so at the last minute I needed to come up with a costume that would fit her little body. I read online about people with preemies using small dog costumes for their little ones... so off I went to Target where I found a cute princess costume for a small dog that was only $5. I think it turned out pretty well and no one would know it was meant for a dog!

Rob took Ellie over to his parent's cul-de-sac for some trick or treating and carnival type games and she was done within an hour and came home to help me pass out candy. We've never been home between 6-7 p.m. to hand out candy so I totally misjudged how many trick or treaters we would get. We ran out of candy by 6:30! Rob had to run and buy some more. After 7 p.m. - we had hardly any trick or treaters. Ellie got plenty of candy and tried to eat as much as she could that night. And good for me because we didn't have much leftover after that!

After Halloween, the trouble began. Ellie started off Novemeber with a runny nose and horrible sounding cough so she stayed home from church with Chloe and I last week. I tried my best to keep her away from Chloe and keep the rest of us healthy but I think due to my lack of sleep with a newborn... I managed to catch it next. And it hit me really hard! I haven't had a cold that bad in years. And I really think mom's should be exempt from getting sick since there is no one to take care of us! Anyway - Ellie didn't seem phased by it and was her busy self all week. Chloe started getting sick on Thursday and Rob got sick by then as well. Luckily there has been no fever associated with this cold which has been a huge blessing! I took Chloe into the doctor on Friday because she had a terrible sounding cough and wasn't keeping any food down. The doctor decided that she was probably choking on the mucus from her cold and that is what is causing the throwing up. Poor thing. It's unreal how much throw up can come from such a little body! She's completely drenched me multiple times a day since Thursday and her cough just makes me so sad. I feel bad that there just isn't much I can do for her besides hold her a lot! And that is pretty much what I've been doing since she has been having a hard time sleeping unless I'm holding her. It is not fun to have such a new baby so sick! On the plus side, she gained almost a pound in a week so the doctor isn't too concerned with how much she is throwing up because she is obviously still gaining weight. And I'm loving her chubby little cheeks.

And poor Rob still hasn't fully recovered from his hospital stay in August and since this has been another sickness that hits the lungs hard... he's been struggling. Luckily Ellie and I seem to be on the mend (at least I can somewhat function now). And hopefully the whole house will feel better soon. It has not been a good year for us healthwise!