Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Utah Trip

Rob and I flew up to Utah the weekend of April 7th to go through Kory's first temple endowment session with him. We went to the Salt Lake Temple on Friday night and then on Saturday morning did a session in the Bountiful temple. Both were great experiences and small sessions so it was very nice.



Harrison and Sierra

Kory, Rob, Me and Tysen


We stayed at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Misti's house with their 5 kids in Kaysville, UT. And since my cousin Sierra was turning 11 that weekend - we all went to a bowling alley to celebrate her birthday. Minus the fight that broke out between the drunk guys in the next lane . .. . it was a fun event! I definitely need to work on my bowling again. Back in the days of bowling class in the Wilk Center at BYU - I used to be somewhat decent! :)

Mission Call

My little brother Kory received his mission call at the beginning of March. He will be entering the MTC on May 3rd and will be coming to the Phoenix, AZ mission! (We were excited that he will be close enough for us to take out to eat a couple of times a year with the mission president's approval). The Phoenix, AZ mission actually only covers the western part of Phoenix and then goes North up to Flagstaff and East over to Page, AZ (Lake Powell) and crosses over a little into New Mexico and Utah. We live in the Tempe, AZ mission and about a mile away from the Mesa,AZ mission border. Here are a few pictures of Kory opening up his mission call in the Helaman Halls (BYU) Lobby. My dad took these pictures and my little brother is the one in the blue hat (in case it is hard to figure out!).

Monday, April 17, 2006

Falling Ceiling and Good Samaritans

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon of blogging so everyone can keep posted on what is going on with Rob and Lachelle. Rob will probably never post on the site but I'll try and keep it updated. :) So here goes the first entry!

On Thursday Rob came home to find that a portion of our ceiling in the carport had fallen out. We're not really sure why it happened but come to find out that it has happened a lot in the neighborhood. Quite a site!

We knew that when we bought our "HUD" home that it was going to be a lot of work. But I don't think we realized how much work it was going to be. Especially when you have weird things like this happen that you can't control!

We were very happy to come home on Friday after a long day of work to find out that some good souls had cleaned up the mess for us! We think it was my fabulous coworkers who cleaned it up for us since they disappeared on Friday for a good 3 hours and wouldn't say where they went. And they won't claim the good deed! (And I did some snooping in our work dumpsters outside and found some concrete evidence!) But we are sure grateful.

Now we just need to find the time to fix the ceiling. Along with the roof that needs to be repaired and a few other mending house projects. I can't wait for ASU to finish up in a few weeks so Rob has at least a little bit more time to devote to the house!