Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Eliza wasn't allowed to dress up this year for school, but we still managed to find plenty of dress up opportunities in October!  Our ward had their annual chili cook off, brownie bake off, carnival and Trunk or Treat party on one night and the kids went as a Snow Princess (Eliza), Cinderella (Chloe), and Pumpkin (Asher).  We ate some food, did some of the games, and then did only half of the Trunk or Treat before heading home.  The kids had PLENTY of candy after just part of that part of the night.   Rob and I took our favorites and let the kids eat their candy.  Chloe is our candy lover and she pretty much finished off all the candy that she got that night.  A few hours later, she started throwing up.  We thought it might be because of too much candy, but after it continued all night long we decided that she definitely had a stomach bug.  Not fun!  Especially when I was up most of the night with her and Rob went out of town for work the next day.

After spending the day of Halloween laying around the house, I decided that we were going to have to just go Trick or Treating with a sick girl.  Dinner was mummy hot dogs, monster apple slices, and root beer.    We met up with some of our favorite neighbors and walked up and down our street.  The neighborhood is fabulous for people participating and we had to stop and dump out the heavy candy filled buckets and still didn't even finish our street!  We had a couple costume changes on this night with Eliza staying the Snow Princess,  Chloe going as a little pirate, and Asher as a Skeleton.  It was the most perfect weather for Trick or Treating too - I couldn't believe our luck!   And Chloe seemed fine on Halloween night so I was glad it was a quick bug she had.  The girls loved helping me hand out candy after we made it back to the house and  of course going through their own candy hauls!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

I got it in my head this year that painting pumpkins would be easier with little kids than carving the pumpkins. I've realized that even though it's a great tradition, I don't love carving pumpkins!  It turns out that painting pumpkins is just as messy as carving them.  But the kids enjoyed it!  I think if we paint them again - we will go with glow in the dark paint.   Asher zoned out while everyone else was painting and he was stuck in his jumper.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I found a Living Social deal for a local pumpkin patch and we decided to check it out with our good friends Julie and Lily.  They had a giant slide for the kids to play on, a sandbox filled with dried corn, haystacks to climb, a hay ride, and of course some pumpkins to pick out!  It wasn't a true pumpkin patch in my mind since they truck the pumpkins in from somewhere else.... but the kids had a great time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chloe is 3!

On October 14th, our Chloe turned 3 years old!  We celebrated her birthday the night before since she had a Sunday birthday this year.  After family pictures, we headed to Chuck E Cheese's for some pizza and games.   Then we went home for the cake and presents!  She was happy with her new dress up, scooter and helmet, and candy.

Chloe makes sure our life is NEVER dull!  She has a lot of personality crammed into this little body.  Her favorites at age 3 are:  My Little Pony dolls and the television show, her sister Eliza, stealing the pacifier from her brother Asher, and Mom.  She is my little buddy while her sister is at school and loves to cuddle.  Most nights she can be found sleeping in her sister's bed.  Chloe can run super fast and likes to climb on anything and everything that she can.   If there is candy in the house - she is sure to find it!  We definitely can't imagine life without our Chloe and love her to pieces.

*Side note - I made a great cake for Chloe with a lot of candy on it and she helped herself to it earlier in the day!  I had to complete redo it and make adjustments to it.