Saturday, February 28, 2015

Eliza's Baptism

 These pictures are ALL out of order but that's okay. I wanted to document this special day while I can still remember it. Today, February 28th, 2015, Eliza Colleen Bodine was baptized a member of the Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Next to the baby blessings of my kids - this is probably one of the highlights of my role as a parent. Such a wonderful thing to see your children make these kinds of choices.

It was a stake baptism day for the Lehi Gateway Stake which meant there were 16 kids getting baptized today. We all met in the chapel for a few talks, musical numbers, and then waited to be dismissed for the time at the baptismal font. While we were waiting for our turn, they showed some Mormon Messages. I started crying during this part which wasn't a great sign for the day. But I love these thoughts and reminders!

Eliza was baptized by her dad and her Grandpa White and Grandpa Bodine served as witnesses.

Then she got changed and we headed into another room. Those that were there were able to write on a note card to give to Eliza with their thoughts on the baptism. Then she was confirmed a member of the Church by her dad with Bishop Caswell, both Grandpas, and my brother Kevin.

The spirit was so strong in the room during this part. It was very obvious to me that my mom was there and probably a few other spirits from the other side. It is rare to me when I can sense my mom around (even though I know the veil can be thin) but there is no doubt to me that she was there today. The primary president Caroline Welsh shared her testimony and then Bishop Caswell asked me to share mine. He then got up and said that he doesn't normally mention it but he knew that there were spirits from the other side in the room. I am so grateful for the baptismal covenant and for the atonement of our Savior that allows us to feel as clean as we feel on our baptism day.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's Great to be Eight!

We only do "friend" parties every other year so my kids basically have two years to dream and come up with plans for their big party. This year was a friend party year for Eliza and she opted for a party at our house. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love parties but I stress a lot with the planning and preparation part. My goal for this year was just to keep things simple! And I think I actually pulled it off (for the most part). Eliza wanted a "late night" party where we kind of had the makings of a slumber party without the actual sleeping over part.

Our neighborhood has a TON of kids the same age as Eliza so her hardest part was making the list small enough but also not leaving anyone out. She invited the 7 girls from her Primary class, a neighbor from across the street, and 4 of her friends from school (2 of them actually live in the neighborhood also but different ward/classes). It was a big group since most of them actually came! But they were really cute and fun.

The beginning started off with making Valentine's. It was fun to see the girl's creativity and how sweet some of the girls were in who they were making Valentine's for.

We followed the craft time with a pizza dinner. Then moved onto some games. We played the candy bar game and then spin the bottle of nail polish (depending on what color it landed on - the girls would paint a nail that color). I missed pictures of this portion since I was trying to make sure it ran smoothly!

Cake and presents happened next. Eliza loved each and every one of her presents. She loved that she got two of the stuffed owl dolls and promptly named them Valentine and Love. 

We tried to settle down a little bit and watch the Disney premiere of "Bad Hair Day" with some popcorn but that lasted maybe 30 minutes before the girls wanted to do something else. I stopped trying to stick to a schedule at this point and let the girls just play. 

So much fun to get to know more of these amazing girls but I'm also glad that we don't have another friend party until Chloe turns 6 this fall.