Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Update

So the weather was in the 70's on Monday and we enjoyed a fabulous playgroup with some ladies and kids from the ward. Good thing we took advantage of the sun since today the high was 29 degrees but it really felt like 19 with the wind! BRR! I'm very grateful that we have a gas fireplace and a furnace that heats the house.

I realize I'm going to need to find some creative outlets for these cold winter months! Today we've already played dress up, played with blocks and watched a movie along with the grocery shopping that made me freeze on the short walk between the car and the store.

The girls had a well visit on Monday. We found out that Chloe had her first ear infection (make that DOUBLE ear infections). Poor thing! I had no idea until the doctor asked me if she had been fussy lately. She had been but she was also breaking in 4 more teeth in the last couple of weeks so I didn't think much about it (she has 12 teeth already! And likes to randomly come up and bite me - not so fun!). Now that she has been on antibiotics for a few days she is soo much happier although she can still throw a mean temper tantrum if she doesn't get her way.

Chloe's almost 13 months stats:

Weight: 20.1 lbs (25%)
Height: 29 inches (36%)
Head: 17 (25%)

So she's pretty much on the smaller side! I thought everyone kept telling me she was small because she runs around so well for her age but apparently she isn't as big as I thought she was. It's about time for us to move her into the next size of car seat!

Ellie's stats:

Weight: 36 pounds (70%)
Height: 39 1/2 inches (63%)

Both girls are pretty healthy although Chloe is going to start on a preventative medicine for her lungs. Her pediatrician specializes in asthma and after looking over Chloe's health records and her 3 hospital visits in the last few months for breathing problems - wants to be proactive and avoid her going to the hospital in this state and cold winter. Not thrilled to be doing breathing treatments every morning and night though when she hates them!

The girls have been playing really well together and it's fun to see! I even managed to catch half way decent pictures of the two of them together (just ignore Ellie's bangs that need to be cut):

And then for comparison... I realized the other day that I had a picture of both Ellie
and Chloe wearing the exact same outfit at the same age. I can see some similarities but the biggest difference is with the forehead and skin color! Chloe definitely takes after my side of the family with her skin color.